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Release Date – 2022

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Are you tired of Corona Virus cockblocking you?
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Corona Virus has swept the globe and it is here to Marked As SpamMarked As SpamMarked As SpamMarked As Spam shit up for a long time.

Point is, you can still CRUSH if you adapt properly.
The theory section covers literally EVERYTHING you need to know about game during this pandemic. It cuts out all the fluff and bullshit.

How to make your profile pictures and description during this Corona Virus time to optimize the amount of matches you get.

A POWERFUL secret to massively crank up the volume of matches and LEADS that go into your funnel from online game.
Know which apps to use to get the highest quantity and quality of girls into your life.

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Literally copy my updated flowcharts so all your messaging on the apps and over text IS DONE FOR YOU.

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Learn how to deal with all the Corona Virus related objections with ease.
Effortlessly deal with what she throws at you so that you can get the meetup.
They call me the “WOLF OF WALLSTREET” of Pickup, that is because I will teach you how to deal with any objections imaginable to coming over to your house or meeting in public at a special location still open during the pandemic.

Get access to my field-tested ultra-optimized Corona Virus SCRIPTS to literally become a ladies man overnight.
I will show you how to get into the girl’s brain and make her addicted to you like CRACK COCAINE.
Learn exactly what to do once you have the girl back at your place with every escalation step explained in full detail.


I will show you the best ways to get the girl straight over to your place. But for those girls that ultimately refuse straight to the house.
You will also learn my clever adaptation to still have public dates when all else fails for the girl agreeing to come straight to the house.