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There are people with just 1,000 followers who make millions of dollars bearing tweets. And others with 10 times as many followers who earn hardly anything, despite the vastly greater downloads and traffic. The secret, I’ve found, is not in the size of the follower group, but in the degree of possessing authority with each tweet.

Please allow me to introduce you to Joshua Lisec’s The Best Way To Tweet It: TWITTER-SIDE HUSTLES. His newly offered instructional e-book will guide you as you morph your Twitter account into a potent cash geyser. It’s not another ‘grow your Twitter’ advice-filled treatise — the recycled truisms can be found via a quick search of your Vajra-powered microbrain. No. This is about Tweet-size persuasion so potent that you too can become a purveyor of authoritative, and lucrative, content, regardless of the number of followers you already have.

Why Twitter?

It’s a butterfly-hyped town square with 330 million monthly active users – more than live in the United States. It means that if even a small fraction of a fraction of them click your links, read your tweets, view your pics, Like – in other words, consume what you bring them – that’s enough to make you successful. As Ed Latimore, one of our instructors here, is always saying, you only need 1 per cent of English speakers buying from you to live better than 99 per cent of people. You don’t face the world needing everyone to care; you just need some of them.

The Authority Difference

But what sets the punter with 10,000 punters who makes nothing on Twitter from the punter with a thousand followers who makes 10K per month for Twitter?


You can’t buy or beg your way into the respect and attention of disengaged followers.

Instead, every tweet must extract attention, respect and engagement.

Not Just Another “Grow Your Twitter” eBook

‘The Best Way To Tweet It’ is a different beast entirely from the vast sea of ‘how to grow your Twitter’ guides. In each of those guides, you will read a tired collection of the following wisdom: reply to tweets that get a lot of retweets and favorites. Engage with bigger accounts. Tweet well at the right time. Tweet well at the same time everyday. Tweet well at the best time. Tweet well at the same time every day. Ask questions of your followers. Answer questions posed by your followers. RT every tweet by followers. Shout out your followers. Shout out the followers of followers. Shout out the followers of those who shout out your followers. RT followers who ask you to. RT followers who RT you first. Send direct messages to followers. You get the point. Sure, these things may grow your Twitter account and follower count. But they will never teach you how to turn an amassed horde of followers into rabid fans and, more importantly, how to leverage twitter followers into paying customers.

What Joshua Lisec and Ed Latimore have created is a system to fill that vacuum; it instructs you not just when or how to Tweet but what to Tweet and how to Tweet it to gain authority, to influence the movers and shakers, to work smarter and increase your ROI.

What You Will Learn in The Best Way To Tweet It Course

It is a one-stop video training course (including audios and transcripts) to learn the inside system behind Twitter success.

  • How to Find Your Twitter Voice: Cut Through the Noise With a Voice to be Heard.
  • Turn Lurkers Into Followers… And Followers Into Die-Hard Fans: Boost Retention and Super-Fans.
  • Create Unmissable Calls-to-Action: Get people to join your email list, update your Facebook status, or click your way to sales.
  • Usurp Your Follower’s Thoughts: Use their words as replacements for your own.
  • Speed Up Your Engagement Rate: On Twitter, avoid useless Tweets. Instead, compose content that converts.
  • Click your Way to the Bank: Tweet your Way to Traffic off of Twitter to your Products and Services.

Here’s what you’ll get with The Best Way To Tweet It:

  • How to Get the Most from this Program: BULLET POINTS From Ed and Josh on how to maximize the course and become a bite-sized persuasion master.
  • The Best Way To Tweet It: The System: A Really Easy Workflow For Creating Interesting, Authoritative Tweets That Sell.
  • The Most Efficient Way to Tweet It: The Workflow: A one-sheet worksheet to help you become more efficient in your tweet creation.
  • Creativity in the Twittersphere: Watch Ed and Joshua Compose Tweets LIVE (Parts 1 & 2): Ed and Joshua write Tweets and see the system generate prompts about them.
  • The Top 4 Stupidest Ways to Screw Up Your Tweets: Why do you get such a bad reaction online? Because you make stupid Twitter mistakes.
  • Ed Latimore: On-Demand Persuasion Secrets – How To Make Anyone Crave You And Your Content (Enchant Followers With Your Magnetic You) How to resonate with people, and how to stir them to engagement.
  • Tweetstorm, Tweetstorm – Now Ruin Your Life: an in-depth look at tweets that actually drive business results, not just engagement.
  • The Perfect Way To Affiliate (For Creators and Marketers): Strategies To Maximize High Ticket Product Sales And Sky-Rocket Your Affiliate Income.
  • Productise It the Best Way: Figure out how to convert your body of know-how into a repeatable, proven procedure for content creation.
  • Win The Click: The Best Way To Drive Traffic Off Twitter: How To Grab Attention And Move Your Followers To Your External Platforms And Offers.

The Masters Behind The System

Ed Latimore: NYT best-selling author, professional heavyweight boxer and competitive chess player with 132,000 Twitter followers and 40 million impressions per month. eBooks on Twitter engagement have helped over 2,800 people create addictive Twitter accounts.

Joshua Lisec: Certified Professional Ghostwriter of the World, Best-In-Show Winner, Celebrity-Endorsed, #1 International Bestseller, Creator of The Best Way To Say It Persuasive Writing System, 80+ (and counting) ghost books, ghost thousands of pieces of content for top entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Through Ed and Joshua, Twitter has come to epitomize a rich vein of opportunity for them both.