Price – $1995 $10

Delivery – Mega

Size – 17.20 GB

Release Date – 2024

How to Buy?

What’s Included:

Part 1:

  • Access to 8 video modules
  • 4 hours of video content
  • Lifetime updates

Part 2: Mario’s Arsenal of 21 Different Frameworks Called “Forbidden Emails” That Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors

In this segment, Stefan reveals how he utilizes Claude to send personalized emails that mimic your writing style. You’ll receive 21 high-converting AI email templates and learn how to “clone yourself” to create endless personalized emails that sound authentic. The live training covers:

  • Instructing Claude to accurately comprehend and imitate YOUR distinctive writing style, tone, and personality.
  • Creating individualized welcome sequences to engage your audience.
  • Crafting flawless affiliate emails that convert more customers.
  • Using Claude to automate your email writing process, sending highly personalized and engaging messages without experiencing burnout or writer’s block.

This is the ultimate template for generating a never-ending supply of engaging, relevant emails for YOUR audience, saving you time and effort.

Part 3: Access to Luke’s Groundbreaking Training

In this section, copywriting pro Luke Mills guides you through creating your own email copywriter using GPT. You’ll learn to:

  • Train your custom AI email assistant with examples to write emails tailored to your goals.
  • Master the optimization loop for continuously evolving your assistant’s performance until it reaches conversion goals.
  • Increase your bandwidth by having a dedicated AI email copywriter.

Luke will demonstrate how to construct a custom GPT that consistently produces high-converting emails, offering countless applications for your business.


  • Over ten hours of exclusive, confidential expert training from our Insider Email Marketing Vault.
  • Access to highly profitable email sequences, quick email formulas, list management strategies, and successful email promotions from industry experts.
  • The ultimate online training vault for dominating email marketing, packed with psychology tactics, frameworks, swipes, and more from the email marketing elite.

This comprehensive package provides everything you need to become an email marketing machine!