Your Path to an Unstoppable Life
Week 1: The Stories Holding You Back

  • How stories form beliefs
  • Why certain beliefs get locked in and others don’t
  • The relationship between our expectations and our beliefs
  • Outgrow limiting beliefs that hold you back from excelling
  • Unrealistic Expectations vs. Baseball

Week 2: Programming Yourself to Succeed

  • Building Success Anchors
  • Stories of Success
  • Affirmation of Success
  • Process Leads to Success
  • Planting the Seeds of Success

Week 3: Mindset Detox

  • N.O.P.E. – No Other Peoples’ Expectations
  • Your Definitions of Success

Week 4: The Fear Destroyer

  • Interrupting Your Own Patterns
  • Changing the Evidence of Success and Failure
  • How to tell if the problem is ‘It’ or ‘You’
  • Take the advantageous position in any situation

Week 5: Mirror Mirror

  • Seeing Yourself as a Success
  • Aligning the Internal and External You
  • Unlock Your Vocal Power

Week 6: Becoming Unstoppable

  • Neuro-Plasticity: The Research About the Changing Brain
  • The Power of Intention
  • Building Wins
  • Celebrating Wins
  • Choosing Your Directions
  • How to Keep the Momentum Going with Self Motivation

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