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Who else wants to build more fans and reach more customers without spending time on social media looking for inspiration?

Utilize the Viral Inspiration Lab, the best and biggest online idea lab, and join over 950 digital entrepreneurs!

Social media is the best way to expand your online business, whether you like it or not. By simply sharing your thoughts, you can reach the entire world for free and turn followers into fans and content customers. The potential for traffic and trust is huge. However, competition is fierce these days. The “audience-first approach” is gaining traction. There’s more noise, with timelines overflowing with generic content. There’s high demand for attention and a limited supply. This means that despite spending a lot of time on social media, most people are stuck with low engagement. What you need is an edge, a way to ensure that you’re conveying the right concepts that resonate, a method for cutting through the noise to reach more people, and a method for creating content that attracts customers to your company. Let’s discuss how the Viral Inspiration Lab can help.

“I know I want it, so take me down” – Sorin Tontici, founder of Health & Fitness SAAS: “I can’t believe how easy this has made the writing process.” I recently started writing on Twitter, but it didn’t work for months. The game changed with Kieran’s advice. I wrote threads that received 14,000 likes, 5,000 likes, and tweets that performed similarly after I had my first taste of virality after a few weeks. In just four months, I will have 6,000 followers, and I cannot believe how simple this has made the writing process.

I used to despise writing. – Simmo, RESILIENCE COACH: “Woke up to 7,000 more followers.” I’d always had trouble communicating my thoughts, and I couldn’t always be consistent…. I look forward to it now because people are expressing interest in my work, and I’m getting clients just by using Twitter. Even just by adhering to Kieran’s principles, I gained 7,000 additional followers after writing a recent thread.

The three types of social media users and why only one of them matters: When I first started using the internet, I believed there were two types of users: creators and customers. However, after three years of writing, another much smaller one became evident: the newcomers. These are the people who have been able to make use of the attention they have received. They have grown newsletters, launched podcasts, and built businesses. If you look around, you’ll see that not many people make it there. Why?

The “social media timesink” is to blame. Social media presents both a fantastic opportunity and a significant distraction. To grow your business, you might start with 20 minutes per day. But before you know it, you’re looking at your phone every spare moment. The paradox lies in this: You must keep up with what works and what doesn’t to succeed on social media. But if you use the platform all the time, you won’t be as creative, you’ll be more easily distracted, and you won’t be as motivated. Anyone who has taken two to three days off Twitter knows how nice it is to rest your mind.

I stumbled upon the “social media” solution when I found David Perell. This is how I make social media effortless and have more creative ideas. I was having trouble coming up with ideas, and Perell runs the best and most popular online writing group. He explains that every one of the thousands of students he has coached has the potential to be creative. The issue is that schools suppress your creative potential. According to Perell’s advice, “imitate then innovate,” your creative genius potential decreases from 98% to 2% between the ages of 5 and 18. You start with ideas from other people rather than writing from a blank screen.

As a result, I began storing each excellent piece of content I discovered in a database. That was in January 2022, and as I stopped “guessing” what would work, my writing improved quickly. My friends saw it and wanted it too. I released it to my audience after hearing how useful it was, and it quickly became one of our most popular products because it was truly useful (I still use it every week).

The main advantage of the Viral Inspiration Lab is that you won’t have to waste time looking for good ideas on social media. You have access to thousands that are immediately available. However, I promise that you will also write much better. Similar to having stabilizers when learning to ride a bicycle. You have no idea what works when you start online. You don’t know much about copywriting or hooks. However, you’ll get into the groove much faster if you have thousands of already-validated concepts to draw inspiration from, and you’ll fall off the bike less frequently. You’re riding off into the sunset before you know it. Or, in this instance, developing concepts that are engaging, concise, and clear (and that your audience enjoys reading).