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The Size is 2.13 GB and Released in 2023

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Do you want to look like a movie star? I’m talking about that awe-inspiring, head-turning physique that commands respect and exudes confidence. You’re about to discover the most effective fitness program ever created, designed to slice off fat, build perfect muscle proportion, and transform you into the kind of man who walks through life with absolute confidence.

Welcome to The Movie Star Masterclass

The Ultimate Transformation Program

Two years ago, I released the first version of Movie Star Body, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary. Thousands of men from all walks of life—overweight, bulky, average, and even skinny fat—followed the system to a tee and emerged looking like absolute movie stars. The results were astonishing, often achieved in just 4-6 months. No other fitness program in the world comes close to what Movie Star Body has accomplished.

But I didn’t stop there. I took the most effective elements of the original program, revamped it to be even more powerful, and now I present to you the Movie Star Masterclass. This 4-month masterclass is designed to deliver results as if you hired me one-on-one. Over 40 video lessons will teach you everything you need to know to achieve your physique goals. Alongside these lessons, my most effective 4-month training and nutrition plan will guide you step-by-step through your transformation.

Why You Need to Be in Movie Star Shape

When you’re in movie star shape, life changes. You stand out from the crowd and carry yourself with a newfound confidence. Opportunities flow to you, your dating life transforms, and you experience a ripple effect across all aspects of your life. This program is for men who want to live their dreams and stand out from the pack.

No other program in the world teaches you how to get into movie star shape. Many programs out there can help you gain muscle size or lose weight, but they often leave you bulky or skinny without that sleek, defined look. The Movie Star Masterclass is different. It’s the only program that teaches you how to lean down with ease, maintain low body fat, and make it a sustainable lifestyle.

The Secret Code to Looking Like a Movie Star

Looking like a movie star isn’t complicated. It boils down to two main principles:

  1. Low Body Fat: Achieving 6-10% body fat is key. For a lean, strong James Bond look, aim for 9-10%. For the highly chiseled Brad Pitt in Fight Club look, aim for 6-7%.
  2. Perfect Muscle Proportion: It’s not enough to just be lean; you must have muscle in the right places. Developed shoulders, upper chest, and traps give you that powerful, masculine physique. Combining low body fat with perfect muscle proportion makes you stand out like a movie star.

Workouts and Nutrition

The program is structured to maximize your gains while fitting into a busy schedule. Here’s what your workout routine will look like:

  • Monday: Chest and arms, heavy and light shoulders.
  • Wednesday: Legs and traps.
  • Friday: Shoulders and back, heavy and light chest and arms.
  • Optional Saturday: Abs, forearms, and neck work.

The focus is on four key lifts: incline bench press, weighted chin-up, Bulgarian split squat, and Romanian deadlift. Increasing your strength in these lifts will significantly improve your physique.

The program is divided into four phases:

  1. Phases 1-3: Building strength, proportion, and dense muscle size. You’ll increase strength, maximize muscle development, and create a perfect V-shape.
  2. Phase 4: The shrink-wrap phase. This phase focuses on higher volume to produce a skin-tightening effect, increasing size and creating a pumped look.

Personalized Nutrition Program

Most fitness plans offer a one-size-fits-all nutrition plan, which never works. Inside the Movie Star Masterclass, we identify a nutrition program tailored to your body type. The calorie and protein calculator shows you exactly what your body needs to transform. Meal plans make it easy to hit your targets whether you cook or eat out. Once your diet is automatic, getting lean becomes effortless.

What You Get with Movie Star Masterclass

  • 4-Month Training System: In-depth training videos and exercise tutorials for intense strength and proportion training, followed by a shrink-wrap phase for quick size and fullness gains.
  • Video Lessons: Over 30 high-quality videos teaching you how to transform your body.
  • Nutrition Protocols: Four movie star nutrition protocols for cutting, aggressive fat loss, recomp, and lean bulk.
  • Nutrition Calculator: Instantly find out your calorie and protein needs.
  • Meal Plans: Done-for-you meal plans with enjoyable movie star recipes.
  • Physique Mastery Tracker: Track your progress and ensure you’re transforming effectively.
  • Minimalist Training Plan: A 2x per week plan to maintain muscle and focus on definition and fat loss.

VIP Masterclass

The Movie Star Masterclass leaves zero chance of failure. Our VIP tier includes:

  • Access to the entire masterclass for life.
  • 6 months of coaching support and VIP perks.
  • Insider coaching calls each month.
  • Access to our VIP Facebook group with daily support from coaches.
  • Special deals on supplements and my clothing line.

The VIP experience has the highest success rate because it combines the perfect system and strategy with the support of a dedicated team. Results are guaranteed when you follow the program and engage with the group.


Is this too advanced for me? No, the program is designed to be adaptable for all fitness levels. The video lessons guide you step-by-step, ensuring you can follow along and make progress.

What equipment do I need? You’ll need basic gym equipment such as dumbbells, a bench, and a barbell. The program includes exercise substitutions for different equipment levels.

Is there any special diet I need to follow? The program includes a personalized nutrition plan tailored to your body type, making it easy to follow and enjoy.

How fast will I see results? Most participants see noticeable results within the first month, with significant transformations occurring over the 4-month period.

I’ve tried so many programs before and nothing has worked… How is this different? The Movie Star Masterclass combines a unique training protocol with a personalized nutrition plan and ongoing support, ensuring you achieve results.

Money is tight, so why should I invest? Investing in this program is investing in yourself. The confidence and opportunities that come from transforming your body are invaluable.

How much time will this take? I’m busy with family, job, and moonlight as a bank robber… The program is designed to be efficient, requiring just three workouts per week. Optional workouts and flexible nutrition plans fit into any busy schedule.

How can training just 3 days per week and getting to eat huge meals really work? Surely training more works better… The program focuses on key lifts and muscle groups, maximizing results with minimal time investment. The nutrition plan ensures you’re fueling your body correctly.

Are those insane transformations actually legit? I haven’t seen such good ones before… Yes, the transformations are real. Thousands of men have followed the program and achieved incredible results.

Is there a money-back guarantee on programs? Yes, if you follow the program to a tee and aren’t experiencing the best results of your life within the first month, I will refund you, no questions asked.

Are you ready to transform your body and live the life of your dreams? The Movie Star Masterclass is your path to achieving that awe-inspiring, head-turning physique. Join today and start your transformation.