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Release Date – 2024

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Pin Design Perfection is the ultimate pin design course tailored for Pinterest Managers, service providers, and online entrepreneurs aiming to craft captivating pins that drive website traffic, attract email subscribers, and convert into paying customers— all while giving you the polished look of having invested in an expensive Graphic Designer!

✨ Branding crash course to ensure consistency in your pins and streamline your design process.

✨ Kristin’s signature pin design process covering various static pin types including listicle, collage, brand selfie, mockups, physical products, and TpT pins.

✨ Before and after pin makeovers offering insights into design thinking and practical solutions.

✨ Pin Template Library boasting over 200 Canva pin templates of professional quality for instant inspiration and customization.

✨ Time-saving tips, resources, and swipes, including the popular Catchy Headline Generator.

🔥 BONUS: Pin Design Inspo and Hacking to keep your creativity flowing constantly.

🔥 BONUS: Supercharge Your Pin Design with ChatGPT, leveraging the power of Canva and ChatGPT to enhance your design workflow.

🔥 BONUS: Pinterest SEO Hacks with Amy LeBlanc, featuring valuable trainings on Pinterest SEO best practices, visual SEO, and optimizing pins with the right keywords.

Here’s a Peek at What’s Included:

The Pin Design Accelerator:

  • One-hour training packed with pin design best practices, covering key elements of effective pin images, choosing imagery, crafting catchy headlines, and optimizing for clicks.

Branding Basics for Pinterest:

  • Essentials of branding and its application on Pinterest, organizing design assets, font combinations, color hacks, stock photo tips, and board cover setup.

Kristin’s Signature Pin Design Process:

  • Planning layouts, dynamic backgrounds, text headline creation, avoiding common design mistakes, and advanced pin design techniques.

Pin Template Library:

  • Over 200 designer-level pin templates covering various pin types like standard pins, lead magnets, listicles, collages, gift guides, TpT products, and physical products.

Think Like a Designer: Pin Design Makeovers:

  • Over-the-shoulder makeovers of 10 Pinterest pins to understand the thought process behind design decisions.

Time Savers, Swipes + Resources:

  • Additional training on content types, pin template editing, go-to layouts, Catchy Headline Generator, call-to-action templates, Canva shortcuts, creating a stock photo stash, and Canva pin design elements.

Pin Design Inspiration + Hacking:

  • Strategies to maintain a steady flow of inspiration and creativity, along with pin design hacking techniques.

Super Charge your Pin Design with ChatGPT:

  • Utilizing Canva and ChatGPT to expedite pin creation and improve design workflow.

Pinterest SEO Hacks:

  • In-depth trainings by Amy LeBlanc covering Pinterest SEO best practices, visual SEO, and optimizing pins with the right keywords.