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Are you a service-based business owner struggling to attract high-quality leads? A high-ticket seller tired of price objections? A corporate dropout ready to leverage LinkedIn™ for entrepreneurship? Or a social media seller wanting to attract clients with value-add content?

If you nodded to any of these, you’re in the right place.

The Lead Gen Academy is an online course, coaching, and community designed to help you skyrocket your organic leads and create a captivating personal brand on LinkedIn™ – all in just six months.

The Problem

When your lead pipeline dries up, many business owners fall into the crash and burn cycle of Facebook Ads or waste time on social media with minimal results. It’s exhausting and frustrating.

The Solution: Lead Gen Academy

We believe you shouldn’t have to work so hard to attract mediocre leads. With Lead Gen Academy, you’ll learn how to consistently attract highly qualified leads on LinkedIn™. Our method is proven, straightforward, and it works.

Who Is This For?

  • Service-Based Business Owners: Attract customers beyond word of mouth.
  • High-Ticket Sellers: Say goodbye to price objections and hello to clients who see your value.
  • Corporate Dropouts: Transition your corporate LinkedIn™ knowledge to entrepreneurial success.
  • Social Media Sellers: Naturally attract clients with valuable content without the hard sell.

What You’ll Achieve

In just six months, you’ll transform your lead generation process using LinkedIn™. You’ll stop wasting money on paid ads and avoid spinning your wheels on other platforms.

Here’s What You Get:

  1. Building Block Modules On-Demand: Learn at your pace, anytime.
  2. Weekly Office Hours: Get your questions answered promptly.
  3. Live New Trainings: Stay updated with the latest LinkedIn™ tactics.
  4. Live Audit Workshops: Expert-led workshops to audit your profile and strategy.
  5. Monthly Networking Calls: Build your network and discuss trending topics.
  6. Hot Seat Coaching with Melissa: Direct coaching to track your progress.
  7. Guest Experts and Monthly Mindset Coaching: Learn from top leaders and enhance your mindset with expert guidance.
  8. Dynamic and Supportive Community: Surround yourself with a supportive network.

Real Success Stories

Our method isn’t just theory – it’s proven to work. Hear from our members:

Ati Grinspun: “I’ve been using the Lead Gen Method for three months and am constantly getting messages from people curious about my opportunity.”

Dr. Christine Manukyan: “I did 30 discovery calls and enrolled 13 people! I didn’t know any of them!!”

Bridget Douglas Mimari: “It’s refreshing to have business-focused conversations with people genuinely interested in what I offer.”

Deirdre Palm Adams: “I made more in the last four months than ever before in my social selling business since joining the Academy!”

Comprehensive Support System

From high-touch coaching to ongoing live training, built-in checkpoints, and a community that cheers you on, you’re supported every step of the way.

Investment Options

  • Pay in Full: $4,987 (Save 10%)
  • 6 Monthly Payments: $914.28/month

Meet Melissa Henault

Melissa Henault, Pharm.D., Founder and CEO of Burn Out to All Out, transformed her corporate leadership skills into a thriving online business. She built her first e-commerce business using LinkedIn™ and matched her corporate income in less than two years, retiring at 35. Now, she helps others land high-ticket clients, build and monetize personal brands, and manage businesses effectively using LinkedIn™.


I’m new to LinkedIn™, will this work for me? Yes! Our step-by-step modules and support are designed for all levels.

I don’t have much time, will I miss out on training? Our modules are on-demand, and we hold weekly office hours to fit your schedule.

Can I use LinkedIn™ for my side hustle while working full-time? Absolutely. Many of our members juggle full-time jobs and side hustles successfully.

I’ve never been a professional, can I still use LinkedIn™ to grow my business? Yes, LinkedIn™ is for everyone. Our training will guide you to success.

I’ve tried LinkedIn™ before and it flopped. How is this different? Our method is proven and supported by live coaching, workshops, and a community.

Do you offer refunds? We stand by our program and offer a satisfaction guarantee. Please see our refund policy for details.

Do you offer payment plans? Yes, we offer flexible payment options to suit your financial needs.

How long do I have access to the material? Lifetime access. Continue to benefit from updates and new content as it’s added.

Join Now and Transform Your Lead Generation Process

The best time to build your LinkedIn™ brand was yesterday. The next best time is today. Don’t let another day go by while potential leads find someone else. Join the Lead Gen Academy and start growing and scaling your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Secure Your Spot Today

Whether you choose to pay in full or opt for the payment plan, the value you’ll receive far exceeds your investment. Don’t wait – transform your LinkedIn™ lead generation process now.

Total Value: $25,000

Your Investment:

  • Pay in Full: $4,987 (Save 10%)
  • 6 Monthly Payments: $914.28/month

Unlock the potential of LinkedIn™ and take control of your lead generation with the Lead Gen Academy. Join us today and start your journey to unprecedented growth and success.

Join Now and watch your business flourish with a flood of high-quality leads and a powerful personal brand on LinkedIn™.