Liam James Kay – Master Native Ads

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This is a 4-week Advanced training program, that will walk you through the entire process of setting up, running, and optimizing your Native Ads Campaign

Here is a breakdown of the weekly training…

(it’s set into 4 weeks but you can go through it as slow or as fast as you like)


Building The Foundation

Before you start learning the secrets of Native Ads & Affiliate Marketing you need to learn the basics. In this section, I will walk you through some live campaigns & show you the tools required to start your Native Ads Marketing Journey.

Week 1

Finding a Winning Offer

This week I show you the secret to finding successful offers that will work well on Native Ads. This is the most important step if you do not want to waste money.

In this section, I will give you my winning offer checklist and show you exactly to do competitive research to find winnings offers. So your first campaign is set for success.

Week 2

Crafting Your Campaign

This week is all about creating the creative elements of your first native ads campaign.

In this section, I show you how to create your adverts, headlines & landing pages. I cover copywriting skills that will get customers clicking on your ads with their credit card in hand.

Week 3

Running Your Campaign

This Week we start to put everything together & I show you how to run your Native Ads Campaign.

In this section, I cover the technical side of setting up & running your campaign, while sharing my top optimization secrets that will stop you from wasting money get you profitable in record time.

Week 4

Optimising & Upscaling

This week is when you should start to see the real profit rolling in as I cover how to optimize & upscale your winning campaign.

This section is like gold as I teach you the tricks of trade for squeezing out pure profit from your campaign. When you get to this section, it’s like owning a money printer.

Nothing is left out… you will learn every strategy & secret that Liam is personally using to make thousands of dollars per day with Natives Ads…

In the advanced training program, I will personally teach you how to start, run & optimize your first Native Ads Campaign. Teaching you everything from finding high converting affiliate products, building landing pages, creating ads & my secrets to finding profitable placements.

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Release Date – 2020

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