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Breaking into Business Analytics in Tech

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The size is 3.49 GB and released in 2024

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Are you looking to transition into a business analyst role or switch into a business analytics role within a technology firm?

The Breaking into Business Analytics in Tech program was developed with learners like you in mind.

Taught by Lillian, a battle-tested Business Strategy and Operations Manager at Spotify, this course walks you through the business analysis cycle end to end with a case study example to showcase the competencies and skills of a high-performing business analyst.

Lillian is a tested Business Strategy and Operations Manager at Spotify.

Why Take The Breaking into Business Analytics in Tech Course

Whether you are from a marketing, project management, operations, or engineering background, this course equips you with key data analytics skills as well as business acumen. You will develop the ability to de-couple complex business problems into core, solvable beings—while also creating and telling your story in a way to influence others.

What You’ll Learn

  • Business Analytics: The fundamentals of analyzing business data.
  • Data Analysis: Handling, processing, and interpreting data.
  • Storytelling: Learn to create and tell your story.


  • Raw Dataset: Real-world data with which to work.
  • Useful Templates: Templates to help with your analysis and presentation.

Breaking into Business Analytics in Tech Content:

This course is structured into eight chapters, each devoted to a separate part of business analysis.

Chapter 1: Problem Solving Framework

Learn the fundamental framework for approaching and solving business problems, which will lay the groundwork to structure your analysis.

Chapter 2: Logical Thinking

Develop the skills to structure business problems logically: breaking complex issues into bite-sized parts.

Chapter 3: Analytical Thinking

Learn how to ask the right questions to get the right data. It is going to be helpful in decision making.

Chapter 4: Data Analytics

This chapter is further broken down into several sub-sections, which explain various data analyses:

  • Organizing and Preparing for Data Analysis: Use tools like Google Slides and Google Sheets.
  • Analyzing Total Demand: How do you find market demand overall?
  • Analyzing Top Performing Stores: What are the success parameters?
  • Analyzing Worst Performing Stores: What goes wrong most of the time?
  • Analyzing Order Frequency: How do you find customer buying habits?
  • Analyzing Average Order Size: What is the average order size?

Chapter 5: Developing Business Recommendations

Turn your insights into business strategies. This chapter consists of:

  • Creating a Business Strategy: Important principles and methodologies.
  • Turning Insights into Business Recommendations: Step-by-step directions.

Chapter 6: Building a Business Presentation

Learn about building a great presentation to communicate your insights effectively. The chapters touch upon:

  • Storytelling: What story is your data telling?
  • Structuring Your Presentation: How do you create a logical flow and organization?
  • Visual Thinking and Communication Flow: How can I use visuals and communication flow effectively?
  • Writing and Presenting Data: How do I present data clearly and persuasively?
  • Executive Summary: How do I write a short, impactful summary?

Chapter 7: Preparing for a Business Analyst Role

Know what a business analyst does and the skills needed. The chapters will deal with topics like:

  • Core Skills: What are the three most important business analyst skills?
  • Relevant Work Experience: What are some common career backgrounds and experiences that help people in this role?

Chapter 8: Business Analyst Job and Interview Tips

Learn practical tips for finding business analyst roles and preparing answers to the questions. The chapters cover topics such as:

  • Finding Roles and Applying: How should I go about finding and applying for business analyst roles?
  • Interview Preparation: What are interviews like, and how do I prepare?

Course Information

  • Total video play time: About 3 hours 25 minutes.
  • Watch: As many times as you want, whenever you want.
  • Price: $285. One-time payment.

More Information about Breaking into Business Analytics in Tech Course

The course is recorded in video format. This ensures you can take the course at your convenience, from wherever you are, and at a time that suits you best. You can watch the course as many times as you like.


We have organized a special forum on the private Facebook group for all students who are enrolled in our course. We will interact here, share our achievements, and ask all the questions we might have. We will provide information on how to access the forum after the course is on the market.

Refund Policy

We provide you with a flexible refund policy. Look what it includes:

  • Fundraising Period: You get a full refund if the course you are registered for has not reached its minimum goal.
  • Pre-orders Refunds: If you subscribed to one of our course editions and bought the course before the actual start, you get a full refund.

About the Instructor

Hi, I’m Lillian. Currently, I work as Business Strategy and Operations Manager at Spotify, located in New York. I focus on creating business strategies by thinking logically and analyzing data. I am excited to share with you all that I learned in making this course.

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