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The System Used By Dozens Of Top Freelancers And Agency Owners

To Get B2B Clients Quick And Easy… 

Over And Over

There’re two scenarios (maybe you can recognize one of them).

On one side you find people constantly struggling to get prospects on the phone.

And in the other…

You see guys getting all the clients they want, living in the paradise of monthly retainers and commissions, and… of course… scaling fast.

Ok, I don’t know which pack you are in now…

I was in the first group.

It was supposed to be that cold calling with an offer they can’t refuse worked like charm.

And there I was…

Collecting rejections, and every single variation of the classic:

“No thanks, not interested”.

(Let’s save the details about my frustrating and time-consuming attempts of manually cold emailing business owners).

What I’ll tell you is…

One Day I Tried Something New, And One Week Later This Happened:

Yeah, that’s a $4,800 deposit. (It’s a Monthly Retainer Deal so that means = $57,600 Per Year).

But don’t let the numbers keep you from seeing the best part.

My favorite part about that $57,600 is:

I got the deal with an automated message I wrote and sent in a few minutes.

Yes, that’s what I do:

I Spend Less Than 1 Hour A Week On My Prospecting… 

And Still Book 10+ Qualified Appointments Per Week

And I can show you to do exactly the same.

My system, strategies, templates, and scripts.

I packed everything I know in a product called:

LinkedIn Lead Gen Course

And before we uncover all the course details, let me tell you 3 important things:

1. LinkedIn Lead Gen Course it’s not intended for those guys who hoard courses like Pokemon cards. It’s for the action takers.

2. Yes, you’ll need to use LinkedIn… which is considered by some as: “tHe mOsT bOrInG pLaTfOrM eVeR iNvEnteD”. Really is a perfect place to find decision-makers.

3. And while my method is easier than cold calling, cold emailing, or sending lumpy mail to prospects… and I give you everything on a silver plate… a certain amount of drive and commitment from your part will make the difference.

Well, now if you’re okay with that… 

Here’s A Quick Snap Preview Of What You Can Find Inside The LinkedIn Lead Gen Course:

✅ The A.M.P.M. system. The easiest way to understand, plan and strategize any lead generation campaign that can make 6-Figures+ per year.

✅ An underused LinkedIn profile section that works like a credibility booster.

✅ A simple and straightforward way to create a bio… inspired by the LinkedIn profile of one of the coolest guys on Twitter.

✅ How to create effective omnichannel automations – to double your booking rate.

✅ 8 guidelines to prospect on LinkedIn automatically without risk of bans.

✅ The best software to send automated message sequences on LinkedIn safely.

✅ What kind of follow up send to the heavyweight prospects who haven’t replied to your first message.

✅ The framework you can use to create your own follow ups… without sounding spammy or annoying.

Hey, now let’s take a break here to talk about a consequence of this course.

Because using the LinkedIn Lead Gen System,

You’ll be on calls more often.

That means you’ll need to close prospects on the phone.

But don’t fret.

I invited Alex Heiden (sales closer with millions of $$$ in sales under his belt and Closify founder) to spill all the beans about the most critical skills in the game of sales:

Closing Deals On The Phone… 

Even If You’re Shy And Don’t Have Previous Sales Experience

And man… Alex doesn’t hoard anything… with him you’ll discover:

✅ The biggest mistake people commit in sales and the easiest way to avoid it. (This is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not applying this before).

✅ How to leverage your personality and close deals even if you’re not an extrovert.

✅ A simple question you can use with prospects who’re not decided yet to solve their current situation. That question could be a big turning point even with the hardest leads.

Yeah, inside LinkedIn Lead Gen you’ll find more sales resources, and different templates and scripts and…

…You Get Access To My Direct, Personalized, And Unlimited Support

Man, that’s like playing the lead generation game with a cheat code because you’ll always have the guidance you could need in the palm of your hand.

This justifies what you pay for the entire course and that’s a fact.

(One hour of coaching with me on the phone costs you $300).

BTW today the price of the course is:


(This price wouldn’t even buy you 15 minutes of phone consultation with me).

The price will go up with all the new content additions.

Yes, I’m always adding new modules and new strategies straight out of the lead gen trenches every single month.

That means the price increases all the time.

Of course:

All the LinkedIn Lead Gen members always get all the new content without additional charge.

So, for less than what can be spent on a night out, you can own a proven system to get clients and change your financial situation.

How much can you charge your clients?

$500? $1000? $2500?

I don’t know.

All I know is even a $500 client means an insane ROI of 646%.

And you can definitely (and should) charge 2K+ for your services.

Now, run the numbers. 

Here’s The FAQ’s If You Have Some Doubt

I do cold emailing. Can I use this too?

You’ll book a lot more calls by combining cold email with this strategy. Remember: omnichannel rules.

I’ve bought some LinkedIn books and courses in the past… Why is this different?

I know in some books or products you find outdated info or pointless tricks.

In the LinkedIn Lead Gen Course, you get access to my A.M.P.M. system.

A proven evergreen framework used by me and my students to generate thousands of dollars.

Yes, LinkedIn is a platform with constant changes that’s why I’m always updating the course.

I use LinkedIn for my 9 to 5. Can I still use this strategy?

Yes, it’s very easy to open a second LinkedIn Profile using a variation of your name to separate your outreach profile from your 9 to 5 profile and use this strategy to land clients.

Can I use this strategy to outreach Agencies and E-Commerce businesses?

Yes, you will learn exactly how to outreach 1000s of Million-dollar E-Com Brand Owners on autopilot in this course.

Do I need to buy expensive tools to get clients on LinkedIn?

It’s cheap to start. All the software you need to implement this system costs less than $100.

How long does it take to get results?

If you follow this course exactly, you can be set up in 1 day and have calls booked in the first week.

Can you guarantee me results?

More than that, I offer you a deal:

If you do exactly what I say in this course, follow all the steps, and don’t get an appointment or 1 client, I’ll refund you every penny.

Ok, You Could Think These Guys Below Are Just The “Lucky Exceptions”:

Anyone Can Get Results Like These

If you want the system and the one-to-one guidance to stack your calendar with meetings, click “I want this!” to get started.

See you there.


P.S.: In case you still have a question DM me (Twitter @Shawpreneur)

Price – $97 $10

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Size – 590.9 MB

Release Date – 2021

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