The premiere program for course creators, coaches, and digital product CEOs creating an ecosystem of profitable offers and evergreen enrollment engines for year-round revenue.

A Library of Launches. An Encyclopedia of Evergreen. A Collection of Cash Campaigns.

Profit Architecture is your All-Access Pass to every single strategy, funnel, template, and training you need to build a thriving hybrid evergreen education business fueled by courses, coaching, and digital products.


Finally, you can get EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) you need to build your hybrid course & coaching business, in one place.

Master the holistic ecosystem of products and programs, evergreen funnels, and enrollment events to grow your hybrid, online education business without constant live launching, sales calls, or a huge team!

No more piecing together random trendy tactics from 10 different places, barely moving the needle. We only focus on strategies that work!

Profit Architecture includes all of our premium programs and curriculum, in one integrated and upgraded experience

We’ve combined our renowned, best-selling programs and courses such as High Ticket Hybrid, The Accelerator, Evergreen Engines, Webinar Rockstar, Virtual Event Blueprint and more into one holistic ecosystem where everything works seamlessly together.

If you’ve ever just wished you could tap into everything we’ve ever created, all of our strategies and systems in one place – this is it!

Imagine what it will feel like…

You’re finally creating your evergreen products and programs, seeing your happy clients chatting in your community, and seeing new students enrolling as you provide value in your course group and coaching program.

  • You wake up and see an email from another student who tells you that your course completely changed their life
  • You feel so light and spacious looking at your calendar for the week
  • You do a little happy dance when you get that “ding” on your phone: another client has joined your course or high-ticket offer without a sales call
  • You get to take a few weeks off with your family over the summer without worrying about your revenue
  • You are trusting yourself to make decisions, tuning into your intuition, and your friends and family tell you that you just seem more confident in yourself and your business.
  • You finally feel that true fulfillment from your work, knowing you are impacting people all over the world both at scale and on a deeper level (even though you work from home in your PJs!) 


Whether you want to travel the world, make more money while working part time hours, or take 3+ months off every year to go adventuring, it’s time you design your online education business model around YOU.

Price –  $2750 $30

Delivery – Mega Download Link

Size – 73.55 GB

Release Date – 2023

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