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We have picked the best courses to help you become a marketing rock star.

Eventually, we are going to add or remove courses that are more needed to develop the skillsets.

Once you buy this bundle, you are going to receive lifetime updates for free.

#1 Dan Koe – Digital Economics


Productize Yourself With A Unique Brand, Profitable Offer, and AI-Proof Content Strategy.

Start, grow, and reduce the time you spend on your one-person business (without sacrificing your authenticity)

Ready to enroll with 2,544+ other students?

Original Price – $997

Sales Page – https://digitaleconomics.school/

#2 Gary Bencivenga – 7 Master Secrets Of Wealth Creation For Marketers

  • Now available via DVDs and expanded, illustrated transcript for the first and only time—my never-to-be-repeated “Reveal-Everything-at-Once” Seminar.
  • Reveals every secret I’ve ever learned about how to boost your advertising response and become independently wealthy as a copywriter or marketer.
  • Based on more than $1 billion and 40 years’ worth of scientific direct response tests.
  • Includes everything revealed at my one-time-only Retirement Seminar, hailed as “historic” … “phenomenal” … “life-changing” by industry leaders … plus much more material that’s been added to make this the ultimate “Master’s Program” on breakthrough marketing and copywriting.
  • Featuring scores of the greatest direct response ads of all time to illustrate every principle … plus “Gary Bencivenga’s Greatest Hits”—my all-time best ads, sales letters, magalogs, bookalogs, and more that you can use to guide your own marketing and copywriting.
  • Guaranteed to be worth 50 times its cost … or you pay nothing.

Original Price – $1995

Sales Page – http://marketingbullets.com/available-on-dvds-for-the-first-and-only-time/

#3 Frank Kern – Mass Conversion

It shows you how to:

  • Determine the best type of lead magnet for attracting ideal customers.
  • Get the lead magnets created quickly.
  • Build automated systems to capture leads online and send them marketing messages.
  • Use Ascension to cross-sell and up-sell existing customers.
  • Drive targeted traffic from qualified prospects using advertising.

Original Price – $2,997

#4 Mindworx – Behavioral Economics & Psychology in Marketing

This Masterclass reveals exactly how to use insights from 4 decades of research in consumer psychology and behavioral economics to increase conversions.
You’ll get a step-by-step framework on how to apply 24 most powerful psychological principles into your ads, landing pages, emails, sales funnels and everything in between.

Who’s it for?

It’s right for you if…

  • You’re a marketer and you want to increase conversion rates of landing pages and sales funnels
  • You’re a freelance consultant and you want to get ahead of the competition and bring new insights to your clients
  • You need to design performing B2B or B2C marketing and sales strategies
  • You write copy for websites, direct emails, online ads, etc
  • You’re a behavioral economics practitioner and you look for new case studies and inspirations

Original Price – $497

#5 Seth Godin – Marketing Seminar

Around the world, more than 10,000 marketers have used this Seminar to make an impact. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, musicians, non-profit leaders, CEOs, teachers, and real estate brokers have all found what they were seeking through the magic of this seminar featuring Seth Godin.

Marketing done right changes everything. It increases your sales, magnifies your impact, helps you create better design, and most of all give you a chance to be proud of your work.

Original Price – $745

#6 Chris Do – Painless Pricing

How much should you charge?

It’s the question on every creative professional’s mind. And no matter who you ask, the answer is always different: charge by the hour, charge per deliverable, charge by the project, or just guess. Between the muddled responses, you’re left wondering if you’re even charging enough.

Why is it so hard to price creative work?

Have you ever told a prospect your price, then felt bad? Or doubted whether or not you deserve it? Strange as it is, this happens to every creative. We can be totally confident in our skills, but when dollars come into the conversation, we choke up.

How do you know you’re charging enough?

If you’re overwhelmed with projects or unmotivated to do the work, then you might not be charging enough. Inside Painless Pricing, Chris Do will teach you pricing strategies that will help you earn more money with every project. You’ll see that most projects are worth more than you think, and recognize the value you bring to the table.

Original Price – $1499

Sales Page – https://thefutur.com/course/pricing

#7 Gusten Sun – Funnel University


Master the art & science of building sales funnels that convert, and finally live a life of freedom.


Here’s how I know you’re not making nearly as much as you could right now.


Your sales message is confusing, fancy and not optimized for conversions. Why? Because it’s not getting people excited to give you their money. The good news is, just a small tweak can change it all.


I’ve built 7 different revenue streams to get to 7 figures, and now I’m sharing all of them with you, so you don’t have to worry about where your next salary is going to come from, in order to pay your bills.


You’ve probably either spent thousands on a fancy website, or weeks if not months of your own time, trying to make your websites and sales pages convert, but nothing is working and it’s painful.

Original Price – $997

Sales Page – https://funnelsuniversity.com/blackfriday

#8 Joanna Wiebe – Stop Boring Your Subscribers And Start Getting Clicks

Writing email copy can really feel inconceivable when you’re not an educated copywriter. Fortunately, Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers is right here to break down the invisible barrier between regular basis entrepreneurs and wonderful email copy.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the way to create your individual set of finest practices, tailor-made for your particular person viewers. You’ll additionally get the instruments and mindset shift you want to take in your subsequent email marketing campaign feeling assured in your means to write participating emails that join together with your viewers on a deeper, extra significant stage… that turns chilly subscribers into prospects and prospects into repeat prospects.

Original Price – $295

#9 Aaron Young – Get MORE Leads With Google Master Edition

Learn how to use Google Ads to generate the leads that YOUR business needs! 

So you have a predictable, reliable and increasing number of leads coming into your business every single day

Original Price – $699

Sales Page – https://www.definedigitalacademy.com/get-more-leads-with-google

#10 Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray – The Copy Cure

The Copy Cure is an online course designed to get you writing more powerfully and persuasively in your voice, FAST.

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to…

  • Write 2-3X Faster
  • Write Joyfully & Prolifically
  • Write with Clarity & Precision
  • Sell without Sleaze

Original Price – $1,499

#11 Grant Cardone – 10X Marketing

Course 1 – Learn step-by-step as Grant breaks down exactly how to build a highly profitable company, starting from ZERO. Build your business right to increase your earning potential and decrease your stress.

Course 2 – This high-impact course will get you up to speed quickly, regardless of how little you know about marketing. After completion, you’ll know more than over 90% of business owners.

Course 3 – This course will take your game to an entirely new level. Use Grant’s advanced tactics and strategies to build a world-class brand and generate more leads than you ever imagined possible.

Original Price – $997

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