We have picked the best courses to help you become a marketing rock star.

Eventually, we are going to add or remove courses that are more needed to develop the skillsets.

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#1 Digital Marketer – Digital Marketing Mastery 2022

This course is hands down, the most comprehensive digital marketing training in the industry today.

We start by making sure you get crystal clear on the most important part of any digital marketing plan:

Your customers. 

And to do that, we kick things off by mastering 3 foundational topics:

  • The Customer Avatar Canvas – WHO your ideal customers are
  • The Core Message Canvas – WHAT your business offers to your customers
  • The Customer Value Journey – HOW your customers interact with your message

Then, with instructors who are T-shaped marketers themselves, we’ll take an in-depth look at the core digital marketing competencies, including:

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Data & Optimization
  • Search Marketing

Original Price – $997

#2 Grant Cardone – 10X Marketing

Course 1 – Learn step-by-step as Grant breaks down exactly how to build a highly profitable company, starting from ZERO. Build your business right to increase your earning potential and decrease your stress.

Course 2 – This high-impact course will get you up to speed quickly, regardless of how little you know about marketing. After completion, you’ll know more than over 90% of business owners.

Course 3 – This course will take your game to an entirely new level. Use Grant’s advanced tactics and strategies to build a world-class brand and generate more leads than you ever imagined possible.

Original Price – $997

#3 Frank Kern – Mass Conversion

It shows you how to:

  • Determine the best type of lead magnet for attracting ideal customers.
  • Get the lead magnets created quickly.
  • Build automated systems to capture leads online and send them marketing messages.
  • Use Ascension to cross-sell and up-sell existing customers.
  • Drive targeted traffic from qualified prospects using advertising.

Original Price – $2,997

#4 Seth Godin – Marketing Seminar

Around the world, more than 10,000 marketers have used this Seminar to make an impact. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, musicians, non-profit leaders, CEOs, teachers, and real estate brokers have all found what they were seeking through the magic of this seminar featuring Seth Godin.

Marketing done right changes everything. It increases your sales, magnifies your impact, helps you create better design, and most of all give you a chance to be proud of your work.

Original Price – $745

#5 Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray – The Copy Cure

The Copy Cure is an online course designed to get you writing more powerfully and persuasively in your voice, FAST.

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to…

  • Write 2-3X Faster
  • Write Joyfully & Prolifically
  • Write with Clarity & Precision
  • Sell without Sleaze

Original Price – $1,499

#6 Joanna Wiebe – Stop Boring Your Subscribers And Start Getting Clicks

Writing email copy can really feel inconceivable when you’re not an educated copywriter. Fortunately, Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers is right here to break down the invisible barrier between regular basis entrepreneurs and wonderful email copy.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the way to create your individual set of finest practices, tailor-made for your particular person viewers. You’ll additionally get the instruments and mindset shift you want to take in your subsequent email marketing campaign feeling assured in your means to write participating emails that join together with your viewers on a deeper, extra significant stage… that turns chilly subscribers into prospects and prospects into repeat prospects.

Original Price – $295

#7 Dave Kaminski – Funnel Sanity

Funnel Sanity is a step-by-step video training course (over 7 hours of video training) that solves the biggest problem with sales funnels…making the confusing technology work for you.

It’s not about the hype-driven fantasy of how you’ll become a millionaire just by using a sales funnel…it’s about the reality of solving the technical nightmares you’ll face.

Think of it as having a step-by-step guide that shows you what to use, what not to use, what to do, what not to do…and most importantly…how to make it all work without spending a fortune or going insane in the process.

THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU if you’ve never sold a thing online and can barely comprehend what a sales funnel is. I’ll walk you through everything, step by step, using common-sense language and easy-to-understand examples that will instantly demystify the process for you.

THIS TRAINING IS ALSO FOR YOU if you’ve already got experience under your belt with sales funnels. You’ll learn a variety of techniques and solutions that you never knew existed…while saving yourself a small fortune in money and time…and dramatically improving the results of your existing funnels.

Original Price – $299

#8 Erika Kullberg – Mastering YouTube for The Busy Professional

I went from 0 subscribers to making over $100,000 from YouTube in under a year, all while working full-time as a lawyer. I know you’re already juggling a million things, so it is my mission to teach busy professionals like yourself to master YouTube so you can accomplish your goals, whether it’s growing an audience, having an impact, sharing your passion, gaining credibility, generating leads or creating additional income.

Original Price – $497

#9 Tommie Powers – How To Master YouTube Ads

Learn the exact YouTube ads strategy that’s making millions, taking brands viral, and helping marketers & media buyers diversify their ad spend

One year from now, your competition will have wished they got started with YouTube ads a year earlier.

Just like people who were late with Google ads, Facebook ads, and even the internet itself.

And who knows, since you’re reading this right now…

They might even be huddled around a screen with their team watching one of your ads saying “See! I wish that was us… We need to be doing it just like they are! They’ve blown up!”

Because after working with the “best of the best” of marketers, media buyers, and business owners across the world through our Foundr brand…

…we’ve discovered that the businesses who’ve already “cracked” YouTube ads right now…
…many who are using ads so simple you could record them just using your iPhone…

Are outpacing their competition by scaling faster (and more profitably) without the normal “I can’t spend my budget” bottlenecks…

Are bringing in a steady flow of new leads and sales with a reliable (and predictable) customer acquisition channel that isn’t riddled with constantly changing compliance chaos…

And they feel confident to have “business insurance” meaning they’re no longer overly reliant on the success of their ads on a single ad platform!

Plus we’re seeing it working across all kinds of industries and niches.

Original Price – $999

New Additions to the Bundle:

  • Andrew O´Brien – The Publicity MasterClass
  • Cold Email Powerhouse – 1000+ Cold Emails Daily With A 50%+ Open Rate
  • Dave Dee – DEEmail Profit System
  • Gary Halbert – Halbertology
  • Mailchimp for Newbies
  • Oli Billson – Build A Conversion Sequence
  • Ramit Sethi – Earnable
  • Ryan Levesque – The Ask Method Special Black Friday
  • Todd Falcone – Cracking The Code To Success In Network Marketing

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