Price – $997 $15

Delivery – Mega

Size – 17.48 GB

Release Date – 2024

How to Buy?

Sales Page:

Week 1: Unlock the power of ChatGPT to streamline your sales copywriting process, drawing inspiration from our proven high-converting creatives.

Week 2: Dive into the world of AI image generation, mastering the top tool to craft attention-grabbing ad creatives and compelling video content. Learn how to transform these assets into engaging “mini-movies” for use in ads, social media, or to ignite massive buzz.

Week 3: Discover our exclusive method and tool for effortlessly generating a month’s worth of content in under an hour. With just a few lines in ChatGPT and a couple of clicks, watch as your content auto-posts, saving you valuable time and effort.

Week 4: Explore the realm of “no code” tools to create ChatGPT autoresponders, revolutionizing your outreach strategies with near-automation.

Week 5: Bring it all together as you learn to construct a complete funnel from scratch, guiding cold traffic seamlessly into qualified leads and converting them into loyal buyers, just like we’ve done.

Meet Your Instructors:

Stefan Georgi: Renowned as one of the world’s top direct-response copywriters, Stefan Georgi has been shaping the industry since 2011. With his words, Stefan has generated over a billion dollars in sales. Beyond his exceptional copywriting skills, Stefan is a serial entrepreneur, having founded 10 companies that have achieved seven to nine figures in annual revenue.

Mario Castelli: Mario Castelli is not just a Copy Accelerator Member; he’s a powerhouse nine-figure copywriter. With a track record of crafting winning campaigns for VShred and architecting eight-figure business opportunity, funnels for industry leaders like Chance and Abdul of Modern Millionaires, Mario’s expertise spans diverse niches from sports betting to survival. He currently oversees ad creation strategy for a lead-generation giant spending up to $4 million per month on YouTube Ads.

Luke Mills: Luke Mills is the force behind transforming businesses into eight-figure giants. With his expertise, he propelled Mattia Paganelli and partners in Italy from a low-seven-figure business to an eight-figure powerhouse through compelling VSLs and funnels. Luke’s portfolio extends across various niches including pets, fitness, and supplements, with successes in direct mail offers and multi-million dollar joint ventures. As one of the brightest marketing minds, Luke brings invaluable insights to the table.