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Imagine if your blog is not just paying for your coffee, imagine that your blog is paying your mortgage, and supporting your family, and funding your dreams. Imagine waking every morning and knowing that your blog is working for you, gathering traffic, money, and freedom. Well, you can stop imagining and make that dream your reality with Mike Futia’s Stupid Simple Blogging Course.

Why This Course Will Transform Your Life

Hi, I’m Mike Futia. But you don’t know me, I’m just a name. And I’m more than that – I’m a dad, a husband, a six-figure blogger, and a guy just like you who has to hustle, work, juggle family and probably dream of FIRE every now and then. This time last year, I was you. I had my day job, my family that needed my attention, and I was doing everything I could to turn my blog into a career.

Cut to five years later, and I now make six figures online per year, combining SEO and affiliate marketing to monetise my blogs and niche sites. More importantly, I’ve taught more than 4,000 students who now make money online, are dominating the search engines, and have been able to change their lives and do something they love. It’s now your turn.

The Stupid Simple Blogging Course

This is a complete and comprehensive system that’ll help you dominate your niche by understanding and decoding never-before-seen SEO.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive SEO Mastery: These are the exact same strategies I used to more than triple my Google traffic (and Pinterest visitors are no longer my top traffic source anymore!*), and how my students have been able to grow their Mediavine earnings from $400 to $2,200+ in two months! A big shift in perspective!
  • Niche Site Academy: How to Find the Most Profitable Niches and Build Your Own ‘Money Printing’ Niche Sites.

Unlike other blogging courses that claim to help you make a living online ‘but don’t tell you the rest of the story’, the Stupid Simple Blogging Course relies on a real world track record. My students experience traffic and income increases they could never have imagined and, most importantly, they learn the skills and confidence they need to maintain it – and grow.

Real Student Success Stories

Here’s what’s happening: Latasha started a blog, and doubled her investment with a huge ROI. Aisha gained confidence and know-how to start her blog and quit her job to enjoy financial freedom!

My Google traffic has now surpassed my Pinterest traffic, and in the last two months Mediavine income properties have gone from $400 to $2,200+. That is pretty much a return on investment like I’ve never seen in the four years I’ve had my blog … Stupid Simple SEO is just that – stupid simple to follow, and its investment has paid off and been one of the best investments I could have made in my blog.

– Latasha from

Stupid Simple SEO changed me from a confused, scared blogger into someone confident that I can get the traffic and the income needed to be financially free.

– Aisha from

There are numerous testimonials by people who say that they’ve changed for the better after enrolling in the Stupid Simple SEO Course.

‘Stupid Simple SEO changed me from a confused, scared blogger into someone confident that I can get the traffic and the income needed to be financially free. There’s something in this course that relates to every part, aspect, and goal of this lifestyle that I desire. It feels like it pierces my heart from the excitement of its potential. It offers so many opportunities and opens so many doors. No regrets investing. There’s not one piece of this course I don’t love or can’t understand.’

– Lin

About Mike Futia

Frankly, I was a busy dad to two little children and a person who worked at an office to put food on that table. I was thinking about how I could minimize my office hours and maximize my time with the family; that’s why I started blogging. I managed to build our portfolio of six-figure blogs as well as niche websites, and more than 4,000 students have learned to accomplish the same!

I am familiar with all the challenges because I have walked this road before you. My heartfelt purpose to help bloggers like you grow their website traffic, income, and influence is the reason why I created this course, as well as my signature programs – Stupid Simple SEO and Niche Site Academy.

What Are You Waiting For?

This is your choice – you either stay at the rut with stagnant traffic and income, or take the first step to convert your blog into a six-figure business. Make sure you don’t miss this golden chance! Sign-up for the Stupid Simple Blogging Course and start your journey right now to reap the financial benefits of blogging empire.

Get Exclusive Bonuses

Enroll today and receive exclusive bonuses that will accelerate your blogging success:

  • BONUS 1: PDF Worksheet and Checklist – Log your progress and stick to the plan.
  • BONUS 2: Exclusive access to our private Facebook group where you can connect with other bloggers to share advice, feedback, accountability and encouragement.
  • BONUS 3: Monthly Q&A Webinars – I’ll answer your most burning questions live along with 100 members of our growing community so that you’re never stopped from reaching your full potential.

Stop waiting. The blog of your dreams, and the life you’ve always imagined, is so much closer than you think. Become a student of the Stupid Simple Blogging Course and make your blogging dreams become a reality.