Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist by Paul McKenna

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Become a Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist with Paul McKenna, UK’s No. 1 Hypnotherapist

Unlock a New Career in 16 Weeks with Mindvalley’s Hypnotherapy Certification

Dear Future Hypnotherapist,

Are you ready to master one of today’s most powerful skills for creating fast and lifelong behavioral change? Imagine guiding others to break free from addictions, heal from trauma, and achieve their highest potential – all while building a rewarding career. The Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist Program, led by Britain’s leading hypnotherapist Paul McKenna, offers you this opportunity. In just 16 weeks, you can become a sought-after hypnotherapist, helping others and yourself in ways you never thought possible.

Why The Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist Course?

People Need Help Reinventing Their Lives

Our world is in a constant state of flux. People everywhere are re-evaluating their lives, questioning long-held norms, and seeking new paths. This uncertainty has led to widespread anxiety and stress. More than ever, they crave guidance – someone who understands and can lead them to a brighter future. Will you be that guide?

Hypnotherapists Heal Where Others Can’t

As a certified hypnotherapist, you can provide what no one else can. Using rapid transformational techniques, you can radically reshape lives. Imagine quieting anxious minds, ending addictions, dissolving trauma, and restoring health. As a hypnotherapist, you spark shifts most only dream of. This is just the beginning.

The Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist Program

IAPCP Accredited

Our program is formally accredited by the International Alliance of Professional Complementary Practitioners (IAPCP). This global organization supports the professional development of holistic care practitioners, adding exclusive credibility to your hypnotherapy career.

Course Overview

As a Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist, you’ll gain:

  • World-Class Training On-Demand: Master hypnotherapy through comprehensive training designed to fit your life.
  • Live Coaching Sessions: Engage directly with top facilitators in an intimate online classroom setting.
  • Peer Coaching Labs: Practice skills in a peer environment and receive expert feedback.
  • Real Therapy Demonstrations: Watch exclusive, real-world footage of Paul McKenna facilitating breakthrough sessions.

The Curriculum

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to provide the precise education, resources, and training you need to become a high-skilled and sought-after hypnotherapist.

Part 1: The Foundations of Transformational Hypnotherapy

  • State Behavior Model: Understand how to transform the way people feel and move them from negative to positive states.
  • Anchoring: Use gestures and movements to awaken positive thoughts and emotions.
  • Power of Language: Use language as a gateway to lasting subconscious transformation.

Part 2: The Science and Skill Set of Behavioral Change

  • Pattern Recognition: Stop self-harming patterns in their tracks.
  • Goal Achievement: Help people rewire themselves to achieve their goals with ease.
  • Havening Method: Instantly soothe emotional and mental discomfort.

Part 3: Inducing Deeper States and Deeper Transformation

  • Deep Trance: Tap into deep trance states for profound positive outcomes.
  • Identity Shifts: Help people embrace positive identity traits and master new thought patterns.
  • Addiction Treatment: Erase negative addictions rapidly and permanently.

Part 4: Mastering Hypnotherapy as a Practice and Business

  • Curing Phobias: Erase phobias in an hour or less.
  • Treating Panic Attacks: Help people overcome extreme fear and regain control.
  • Successful Business Ingredients: Learn the five ingredients of a profitable hypnotherapy business.

Meet Your Trainer

Paul McKenna, PhD

Paul McKenna is a globally renowned hypnotherapist and behavioral scientist. An international bestselling author and media personality, he has helped millions improve their lives through hypnosis and hypnotherapy. His clients include high-profile entrepreneurs, professionals, and celebrities. Paul’s premier certification program is a rare opportunity to master this transformational skill set with the world’s best.


Rebecca Klepic, Canada

“Before, I wasn’t sure what the expectations were going to be. But I did a little bit of research and got excited about some of the techniques to empower myself and what I’ve gained has surpassed my expectations. I had blocks coming into this training that I didn’t even realize were there – blocks that were stopping me from growing my business.”

Briena Sash, United States

“This training is so packed full of value and information, there’s no way you can make a wrong choice. It’ll add so much to how you show up in your relationships, the skills that you have when communicating, and the way you support your loved ones. I think everyone should take this course honestly.”

Andre Rogi, Canada

“I came looking to do some magic in my life, and this was absolutely magical. Just knowing that there are all these techniques in there that go way beyond hypnosis. Making an impact on someone in just minutes is unbelievable.”


Is this certification included with Mindvalley Membership?

No, these programs are distinct and not included in the standard Mindvalley membership. They offer transformational experiences and professional certification.

What if I have no hypnotherapy experience?

The program is designed for aspiring hypnotherapists of all levels, including complete beginners. You’ll be guided through every step to become a successful hypnotherapist.

What if I’m already an experienced hypnotherapist?

You’ll gain new leading-edge tools and techniques, personal branding opportunities, business growth guidance, and the support of the Mindvalley ecosystem to elevate your practice.

I have a busy schedule. What if I need to miss some training?

You can catch up on training videos at any time. All live sessions are recorded for flexible access.

What time are the live meetings?

Live sessions take place on Thursdays, early morning in the US, noon in Europe, and evening in Asia & Oceania. Q&A sessions with Paul are on Wednesdays at 7 AM PST / 10 AM EST / 3 PM UTC.

Do I get an official certificate upon completion?

Yes, you’ll receive an official printable certification to add to your LinkedIn profile or other platforms.

Is the Mindvalley Hypnotherapist Certification Program accredited?

Yes, it’s accredited by the International Alliance of Professional Complementary Practitioners (IAPCP).

What if I can’t finish the certification?

We support you every step of the way. With consistent effort, you can complete the program. Our certification programs typically see 95% completion rates.

Invest in Your Future

Total Value: $34,999

Total Investment: Only $4,499

Flexible payment options are available to fit any budget. Try it risk-free with our 15-day satisfaction guarantee. If you decide within the first 15 days that this program isn’t right for you, we’ll refund your full program fee.

How to Apply

  1. Submit a refundable application deposit and fill out your application form.
  2. We’ll review your application and get back to you within 2 business days.
  3. If accepted, you’ll receive an email invite to finalize your registration.

Join the Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist Program and transform your life and the lives of others. Leave a $200 fully refundable deposit to secure your spot today.

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