Options Trading Course Level 2 Options Ironstriker

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Lesson 1: Introduction
• Review of Options Concepts
• Advantages of Being a Net Options Seller: High Win Rates
• Statistics of Consistent Options Trading Profits

Lesson 3: Iron Condor
• The Ideal Strategy to Generate Income in a Sideways Market
• Profit with 85-90% Winning Probability with Limited Risk
• The Optimal Time to Construct an Iron Condor
• How to Repair Trades and Turn a Losing Trade to a Winning One

Lesson 4: Earnings Probability Spread
• Generate Quick Profits in 2-3 Days When Stocks Gap Up During Earnings Reports
• Identify Stocks that Have a High Probability of Beating Earnings
• Construct an Options Spread to Generate Up to 1:10 Risk-Reward Ratio

Lesson 5: Long Diagonal Spread
Generate Regular Income with Limited Capital and Risk
• Optimal Way to Construct Covered Call Strategy on High Priced Stocks
• Buy Deep ITM Call and Sell Monthly OTM Calls to Collect Monthly Income

Lesson 6: Long Calendar Spread

• Buy a Long-Term Call (LEAP) & Sell a Short-Term Call at the Same Strike Price
• The Ideal Strategy When You Are Bullish on a Stock in the Long-Term
• Reduce Cost of Owning Long-Term Options while Benefiting from Volatility Increase
• The Best Time to Enter a Long Calendar Spread

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