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Passive Course Academy

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Passive Course Academy: How Ginny & Laura Went From Broke to Banking a Cool Million by Doing Nothing But Publishing a Course

Few of us haven’t dreamed of escaping the 9 to 5; becoming financially independent; and having the time to enjoy the things in life that truly matter. Ginny and Laura, the founders of the Passive Course Academy (PCA), are living the dream. They have made the transition from working 9 to 5 in the corporate world to earning $40,000 a month – and working only one to two hours a day. Their story is an inspiring one, as will be the case for their more than 4,500 clients whose lives they have changed through PCA. In this course, we distill the key lessons and strategies they share.

From Corporate Hustle to Entrepreneurial Freedom

Ginny and Laura’s story goes like this: the two of them were marketing managers in corporate 9-to-5 jobs. Though they both have master’s degrees in marketing and business, they were feeling unfulfilled – they wanted more freedom and more money – so, beginning in the spring of 2020, they started sharing marketing education on Instagram, and it quickly led to requests for coaching.

By summer 2020, both had quit their jobs and were making more than $10,000 a month in coaching businesses of their own. But they were in turn trading time for money, chained to their desks by client calls. That’s when they took the leap. They decided to leverage their respective strengths and create an online course business together.

Launching Passive Course Academy

This January 2021, Laura and Ginny – as they indeed are called – launched their first course online. The course made $402,799 in the first three weeks and helped hundreds of students quit their jobs, make $1,000+ a day, and live the lives they’d always wanted. Laura and Ginny now travel the world and live a life of leisure while still bringing in $40,000 a month and working a mere one or two hours a day.

Key Features of Passive Course Academy

Complete Curriculum
PCA has video lessons, worksheets, and checklists laid out for you step by step to help you prepare your message, build a highly successful sales funnel, etc.

Community Support
After sign-up, students receive access to the private Beepi network, a mobile platform where like-minded entrepreneurs come together to support each other.

Plug and Play Templates
PCA operationalizes MERN by offering plug-and-play templates for masterclasses, sales pages, Instagram posts, and more.

Personalised Coaching
As opposed to many other programs, PCA offers students monthly group coaching calls with Ginny and Laura, so that students know they are on track to meet those money goals with their passive income dreams.

The Path to Passive Income

‘Passive income is a myth,’ says Laura. ‘It cannot just “happen”. It’s built.’ Ginny and Laura willingly distilled their experience of networking and ‘hybrid eventing’ into principles that can be repeated and scaled into a profitable business. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Build A Team
    Hiring is a central part of the process – ‘You can’t do half a million dollars on your own,’ points out Ginny.
  2. Hybrid Boot Camp
    Next comes the marketing, beginning with a hybrid boot camp for 50 trained organization-builders.
  3. Take the Lead
    Moderated panel discussions are the next step.
  4. Meet Each Other
    20th Century Fox might have a system for bringing in visitors, but authentic meeting requires ‘indexing’ the speakers to break down boundaries.
  5. Social Media
    Get a selfie.
  6. System
    The best system to use is one that’s straightforward and functional – one that doesn’t require you to serve up a customized webpage or delete information.

Bridge Conversion Funnel

One of the main tools of PCA is the so-called bridge conversion funnel, which essentially automates the sales process and earns money in your sleep. It’s a funnel that brings you from being a lead to you buying.

Attraction Messaging

Communicating well with clients is key. As one practicing surveyor put it: [PCA teaches you] to form a marketing message that people will believe and want, that positions you as the expert you want to be, but not in an awful, salesy way.

High-Profit Course Framework

You really have to deliver. You have to design a course that gives them results. Ginny and Laura coach heavily on helping students establish individual concepts of value that truly benefit their students. Not only do students rave about the results of working with these coaches, but they also come back to work with them again and again.

Magnetic Cash Content

Good content is king, and this applies especially to platforms such as Instagram. PCA provides tools for producing high-quality, relevant content that affects your target audience, making them take necessary actions.

Real-Life Success Stories

How do you know that PCA works? Eventually, you could ask this of any competent teacher. But that’s not what I mean. PCA’s students’ success stories are on its website. Juliene, an artist, enrolled 23 students in her $650 syllabus-based course in watercolor painting before she even launched. Char: ‘After working with PCA I earned my first $10,000 month selling my online course for book writers …’ Catie: ‘I enrolled my first Google Ads course and made $7,500 in the first month.

Simplifying Business Operations

Part of PCA’s appeal is its reliance on simplicity. Ginny and Laura tested iterations of a number of business models – ‘We’ve blown $200K on this stuff!’ they tell me incredulously over video chat; I leave my apartment to join them for the day. They have concluded that things work best without paid ads, without giant personal teams, without complexity of any kind. PCA students learn how to use rudimentary automation to keep their businesses running. The goal, so they tell me, is more ‘freedom time’.

Commitment to Success

Forging ahead with PCA is a commitment to ‘growing up’ and changing your story. Ginny and Laura make it clear that there is no ‘magic wand’ – change comes from commitment and action. As Laura grills her ladies on how they originate, differentiate, and add value, she encourages them to push through their discomfort and immerse themselves in the program – because there are simply no more excuses, as resources are in abundance right from the outset.

Lifetime Access and Continued Support

PCA students have lifetime access to the modules and resources, so they can always go back and use the materials as the situation warrants. Coaching calls extend every quarter for two years even after the seven-month program is over. PCA builds a supportive community that encourages participants.

Conclusion: Your Path to Financial Freedom

Do you dread your job? Is the thought of working in corporate America for the next 30 or 40 years so unbearable that you would prefer to quit today and scrounge for pennies on the streets? Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who is eager to change the world but is drowning in a sea of nonstop email and 60-hour work weeks? Are you a digital nomad, traveling the globe while creating your perfect web-based company but struggling to make ends meet, or overwhelmed by the choices you have to make every day?

Congratulations. This could be the last reason you ever have to become a corporate drone. Passive Course Academy (PCA) – created by the millionaires Ginny Olsen and Laura Hooper – shows how you can make money online and escape from the dreaded 9-to-5 while spending as little time as possible working. You have a lot of money to make, and PCA will give you the tools to do that.