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Ray Edwards Copywriting Course

Download the Ray Edwards Copywriting Course For ONLY $2970 $20

The Course Size is 14.86 GB and Released in 2020

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What if there was a skill you could develop that virtually ensures you will never run out of money? What if this skill could give you the power to create cash flow on demand, at zero cost—no additional staff, inventory, advertising, or other expenses required?

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, only 30% of small businesses will survive. Of the 70% that fail, 82% fail because of “cash flow issues.” In other words, they run out of money. But what if you could change that?

If you’re still not making the money you want in your business… if your solo professional practice isn’t providing you with the freedom and profits you dreamed of… if your platform isn’t bringing you income… if your launches are more of a “failure to launch”… even if you’re doing well, but just know there’s more…

This program solves all these problems for you!

Introducing The Ray Edwards Copywriting Course

It is designed for aspiring freelance copywriters, business owners, and marketing professionals.

SESSION #1 – Copywriting Quick-Start

Write your cash-generating copy in about an hour. Imagine the power of crafting words that sell while you sip your morning coffee.

SESSION #2 – The “Secret Skeleton” of MILLION-DOLLAR COPY

Discover the Universal Copy Blueprint that sells your products like crazy. This session reveals the framework behind the highest-grossing sales letters.

SESSION #3 – Copy That Attracts Readers Like Mad

Write headlines & subheads that grab your readers by the eyeballs. Learn the art of capturing attention in a split second. Even Tony Robbins uses these techniques in his impactful marketing.

SESSION #4 – Inbox Money Magic

The email writing method that makes more money. Turn your email list into a revenue stream with strategies that compel readers to act.

SESSION #5 – The Fascination Factor

How to write bullet points that virtually force your prospects to buy. Create irresistible snippets of information that hook and convert. Our students, including top response copywriters, swear by this method.

SESSION #6 – Irresistible Offers

The one thing that makes “selling” unnecessary. Craft offers so compelling that prospects can’t say no. Learn from the techniques used by master copywriters to enhance your sales copy.

SESSION #7 – Write Guarantees That Shock, Awe, and Sell

How to get customers to stop hesitating and unleash a river of sales. Learn to provide reassurances that build trust and drive conversions.

SESSION #8 – Closing Copy

How to ask for the sale, “S.P.A.R.K.” a decision, and stack the cash. Master the final steps in your sales process to ensure you seal the deal.

SESSION #9 – The Secrets of Product Launch Copy

How to write persuasive copy for a Jeff Walker, PLF-style launch. Navigate the intricacies of launch copy to maximize your product’s impact. Your landing pages will become conversion machines.

SESSION #10 – Video Copy Magic

How to write copy for videos, livecasts, and webinars. Unlock the secrets to engaging visual content that sells. Use these techniques to create compelling Facebook ad campaigns that convert.

What Makes This Program Different?

You might be wondering what sets The Ray Edwards Copywriting Academy apart from other courses.

The answer lies in our comprehensive, hands-on approach and our proven track record of success. Our alumni include renowned professionals who run successful copywriting agencies.

Success Stories

Jane, a small business owner, increased her monthly revenue by 150% after implementing our email strategies. Her transformation in just 30 days is a testament to the power of this course.

Kyle, a solo entrepreneur, saw his conversion rates double within three months, thanks to our proven methods.

Mary, a professional coach, launched a new product with our copy techniques and earned $50,000 in the first week. Her sales copy was inspired by industry leaders like Ray Edwards and Michael Hyatt.


“I was struggling to make ends meet with my freelance business until I joined The Copywriting Academy. Now, I have a steady stream of clients and income. This program changed my life!” – Sarah L.

“The techniques I learned here are invaluable. I’ve used them to write copy for major product launches, and the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend this program to anyone serious about making money with their words.” – David R.

This program is backed by industry experts and successful copywriters who have tested and refined these techniques in real-world scenarios. Instead of hiring Ray to improve your skills, you can simply enroll in this course and learn his methods and strategies.