Robb Bailey – Nurture and Close Course

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Download Nurture and Close Course for ONLY $2997 $15

The Size is 12.85 GB and Released in 2020

How to Buy?

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If you’re struggling to keep your digital marketing agency afloat, fighting for every client, and barely scraping by, it’s time for a change. Enter our game-changing system that will transform your agency into a well-oiled appointment-generating machine. With our battle-tested strategies and hands-on support, you’ll leave the competition in the dust and watch your profits soar.

Discover the Nurture and Close Course

Eliminate Guesswork with Our Done-For-You Installation

Gone are the days of piecing together complex systems and praying your clients follow up. With our program, we handle the heavy lifting for you:

  1. Set Up Your Software: For just $300 per month, you get unlimited clients and locations. Start charging your clients for the software immediately and watch your revenue grow.
  2. Proven Campaign Installation: We install our effective appointment booking campaigns, reminder sequences, and more directly into your software.
  3. Launch Your First Campaigns: We’ll guide you through launching your initial campaigns with a live call, ensuring everything is connected, tested, and ready to go. Plus, we help you craft compelling copy for your clients’ campaigns.

The Old Way vs. The New Way

The Old Way:

  • Constant battle to keep CPL low.
  • Juggling multiple tools and platforms.
  • Hoping clients follow up on leads.
  • Spending exorbitant amounts on tools and software.

The New Way:

  • Unlimited clients for a fixed cost.
  • Immediate installation of proven campaigns.
  • Charge clients for your app and see immediate profit.
  • Enjoy more freedom and less stress.

Proven Success Across Multiple Niches

Our model has been tested and proven in various niches, including:

  • Auto Dealerships: Bring more potential buyers to your clients’ showrooms.
  • Chiropractic Practices: Increase patient bookings and revenue.
  • Dentistry: Keep appointment books full and reduce no-shows.
  • Fitness Studios: From CrossFit to yoga, fill classes and personal training sessions.
  • Real Estate: Ensure agents are constantly meeting with qualified leads.
  • Restaurants: Boost reservations and keep tables filled.
  • Medical Practices: Streamline appointment scheduling for various specialties.
  • Personal Training: Ensure trainers have a steady stream of clients.

What You Get with Our System

  • 4-Week Implementation Program: Comprehensive training and hands-on support.
  • Done-For-You Campaign Installation: Our team sets up everything in your software.
  • Unlimited Support for 30 Days: Access to live calls, recorded content, help docs, and email support.
  • Proven Prospecting Techniques: Strategies to attract new clients without ad spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work outside the US?

Yes, our system works in any country supported by Twilio.

What’s included?

The program includes everything from setup to launch, plus unlimited support for 30 days and access to our Facebook group.

Will you help me install the campaigns?

Absolutely. Our team installs all campaigns into your account, typically within 24 hours.

What niches does this work for?

Our system is versatile and effective across numerous niches, including fitness, medical, real estate, and more.

Can this integrate with existing ad campaigns?

Yes, our lead nurturing sequences enhance the effectiveness of your existing ads, increasing ROI by 2-10x.

How quickly can I expect a return on investment?

The program is designed to provide ROI within 7 days, depending on your client base and dedication.

How is this different from other programs?

This is not just another course. It’s a done-for-you service with proven campaigns and live support, focusing on booking appointments rather than just generating leads.

Overcome Common Objections

“I don’t have any clients. Will this program help me?”

Absolutely. We provide you with our proven free prospecting techniques designed to get new clients without any ad spend. The program is structured to ensure you see a return on your investment within the first week.

“I already have clients. How can this help me scale?”

If you already have a client base, you stand to gain the most. Our strategies for positioning and providing the new service to existing clients will help you deliver immediate results and scale your business effectively.

“Can this integrate with my clients’ existing ad campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, etc.?”

Yes, we show you how to connect our proven lead nurturing sequences to the back of whatever paid advertising you’re already providing clients. This reliably increases the effectiveness of the ads 2-10x.

“How does the scheduling work for niches like medical with dynamic appointment calendars?”

Any calendar that can sync to a Google calendar is already taken care of. If your client does not have a calendar that can sync with a Google calendar, we recommend establishing a window of availability to be filled exclusively by your appointments during the client onboarding process.

The Lasting Impact of Our System

Investing in our system is not just about short-term gains. It’s about setting up your agency for long-term success. By consistently delivering measurable ROI to your clients, you’ll build a reputation as a results-driven agency. This reputation will attract more clients and allow you to charge premium prices for your services.

Our system is your ticket to consistent, scalable success. With our proven strategies, expert support, and comprehensive system, you’ll be booking appointments and boosting revenue in no time. Don’t miss your chance to revolutionize your agency and leave the competition behind.