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Social media has embarked beyond a picture and video sharing update of the previous day to a giant marketplace. Whether you are an entrepreneur, creator, or even a corporate employee, turning likes and follows into dollars and cents should be the supreme target on social media.

Monetize Social Membership is Sabah Ali’s course that will guide you in creating your brand, helping you productize it, and begin selling every single day.

Let’s check out how the course is structured, the key lessons you’ll learn, and what features the course offers.

Creating a Brand that Generates Revenue

The Profitable Brand Formula is at the heart of the MSM course. Learn the five critical steps that you need to pass through every day on social media to grow an audience and consistently make sales. And the course gives you a plug-and-play post template designed to get you your next sale in 24 hours. Isn’t that cool? Waking up with a fresh payment notification from some product you sold while you were sleeping!

Importance of Mindset

It all starts in the mind. MSM starts right at the beginning, with Module 0: The Mindset to Succeed. Building an online brand can be as crazy as a roller-coaster—just when you had one of those highs, a low might hit. So the right mindset prepares you for the challenge and keeps you on course toward your goals. Sabah’s course is all about building that mindset—to have such an attitude placed within your head, to ensure that you’re mentally prepared for what comes your way.

What You’ll Learn in the Monetize Social Membership Course

Module 1: Personal Branding

Now, let’s go deeper into building a brand; and how to get real on a well-known one. Your brand is more than just a logo or tagline; it’s your identity and the way you relate to your community. A great personal brand enhances your influence and, in return, impacts your sales, so you’ll want to do this exercise to make a personal brand that’s speaking to your target and therefore likely to engage with your content and buy your products.

Your social media profile is often the first impression potential customers have of you. So in module 2 you will learn to Set Up Social Media. It explains how MSM provides the steps to ensure you will optimize your profile for the immediate establishment of authority and building connections that lead to sales… Tips on what to include in a bio and how to set up your profile for the greatest impact. Positioning yourself as an authority makes it effortless for others to believe in you and what you can do for them.

Personalizing Development and Selling Your Product

It can really be a frightening experience to develop a product from scratch, but Module 3: Develop Your Product makes it manageable by breaking it down into steps from choosing a Product Idea to bringing it to Market. So, if you have no clue what you can sell, this Module is going to provide you with a clear roadmap to creating something profitable.

Sales Funnel and Landing Pages of Sales

A brilliantly designed sales page is pretty crucial in the process of turning your visitors into buyers.

In Module 4, you will find a template that you can freely clone and edit, with detailed instructions on creating a sales funnel.

Make Irresistible Content

You’ve always heard it: in the digital sphere, content is king. This module is going to demystify the process of creating excellent content that could hold the attention of the ideal customers—from hooks to CTAs. You will learn how to prepare converting content: whether it is a short video or a well-thought-out post.

Making Social Media Accounts

It’s a different ball game in other social media. Special modules at MSM focus on mastering two giants – Instagram and TikTok.

Instagram Marketing

Module 6: Market & Sell on Instagram

This is an action-packed paper with a clear indication of the right way to use the Instagram platform. It assists you in mastering Reels, finding endless content ideas, and tips for increasing your engagement. Instagram is a visual platform: using it correctly could mean a difference in potential reach and sales.

TikTok Marketing

It is also known that TikTok can reach new audiences at an extremely fast pace.

In Module 7, you will learn how to Market & Sell on TikTok. You will learn to optimize your profile, work with TikTok SEO, and leverage trends to grow faster. You will learn to convert TikTok followers into loyal customers.

Effective Sales Strategies

Social selling should be anything but drudgery. In Module 8: Social Media Sales, we dish out our three signature strategies to turn your followers into immediate buyers. Plus, get a list of effective call-to-actions that make it easy to drive sales — minus the pushy.

Hosting Money-Making Virtual Events

Hosting online events such as master classes and webinars can be very lucrative. The Module 9 – Hosting Online Events explains the process of creating and launching your event, including how to go about selling during the event. It shows exactly how to make four to five figures in a single day out of well-conceived and well-implemented online events.

Manifestation and Mindset

Finally, in the module 10 you’ll learn Manifestation—Shifting from Scarcity to Attraction. This section contains “MATCH YOUR MANIFESTATION” training, whereby Sabah shifted her mindset to attract from $500 a month to $50,000 a month. It aligns your mind frame and thoughts with the money goals. Once that aligns, the world conspires to get you successful.

Community and Support

The one truly unique thing about MSM is the support system. Each week, you get a QA call from Sabah Malik herself, where all your queries are answered immediately and, most importantly, you are kept plugged into a growth mindset. The boundless power of the exclusive community of other members, who inspire and encourage one another, is something that can bring a world of change to your business journey.

Actual Testimonials

The proofs are in the results: Members like Rachel P. make $20,000 in one month while on vacation, and Charlson G. acquires a 50-times return on his investment.