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During this phase, we will instruct you on research techniques capable of saving years of wasted effort.

Knowing precisely what matters—and what doesn’t—is the initial step toward becoming a top performer.

We will steer you away from common pitfalls that often hinder amateur endeavors.

In this phase, you will learn:

  • The number one mistake most people make when deciding on their careers.
  • How to become an expert in understanding how your career functions.
  • What actions to take if you’re uncertain about the direction of your career.
  • Whom to engage with—and whom to avoid—when seeking to comprehend your career.
  • The two styles for researching your career and why most people opt for the wrong one.

You will also gain access to over a dozen bonus lessons, including:

  • Differential Analysis: A method to scientifically assess which attributes matter for your career and which do not.
  • Choosing the Lifestyle, Not the Person: Techniques to tailor your career to accommodate the life you desire.
  • The Colored Folder Fallacy: Insight into why you often receive inadequate career advice and how to rectify it.
  • Plus much more…


Selecting the appropriate project can mean the disparity between rapid advancement and stagnation. We will educate you on crafting a deliberate practice project to swiftly develop essential skills.

In this phase, you will learn:

  • The fastest approach to mastering complex skills such as programming, research, or business.
  • The Business Plan Method: A tool to safeguard your projects against procrastination.
  • Methods to gauge your progress, enabling you to observe tangible improvement.
  • How to incorporate deliberate practice into your current job to achieve faster results without increasing your workload.
  • The common ingredient shared by all successful skill improvement opportunities.

You will also gain access to over a dozen bonus lessons, including:

  • How to Develop Soft Skills: Techniques for deliberately honing soft skills like selling, negotiating, speaking, or leadership.
  • Crafting Projects You Will Complete: Strategies to make your projects resistant to procrastination, ensuring their successful completion.
  • From Insight to Action: Generating project ideas to enhance crucial skills.
  • Plus much more…


How can you overcome busyness to accomplish important tasks? We will reveal the strategies utilized by the world’s most productive individuals so you can achieve results without burning out.

In this phase, you will learn:

  • How to manage the level of busyness in your life rather than letting it control you.
  • Techniques for working more deeply, maximizing your limited time for greater improvement.
  • Strategies for preserving your energy to prevent subtle drains on your productivity.
  • Techniques to enhance your concentration and focus on tasks.

You will also gain access to over a dozen bonus lessons, including:

  • The Artifact Method: A proven technique to avoid pseudo-work and increase your deep work output.
  • The Power of Single-Projecting: Enhancing your ability to accomplish meaningful work while reducing busyness.
  • Fixed-Schedule Productivity: A productivity system utilized by Cal to publish five books while completing a PhD at MIT and raising two kids.
  • Plus much more…


Lastly, we will instruct you on applying the research and deliberate practice lessons to your entire career.

In this phase, you will learn:

  • Why certain feedback can hinder your progress.
  • The concept of “Desk Drawer Syndrome” and its hindrance to improvement.
  • How to cultivate a network of mentors to steer your career forward.
  • Strategies for making intelligent long-term career investments.
  • A system for tracking your career progress to avoid excessive worry (or neglect) of your goals.
  • How to continually improve by replicating the processes outlined in Top Performer.

You will also gain access to over a dozen bonus lessons, including:

  • Time Auditing: Identifying how you spend your time to focus on what truly matters.
  • Combatting Perfectionism: Recognizing the positive and negative aspects of perfectionism to prevent it from impeding your progress.
  • Career Capital Analysis: Evaluating the skills and assets you possess to identify areas for leveraging or strengthening.
  • Plus much more…

What’s New in Top Performer 2.0:

In addition to the 60 lessons from the original program, Cal and Scott have introduced eight new lessons for Top Performer 2.0. In this updated version, you’ll find:

  • Skill vs Signal: Integrating objective performance with clear signals to enhance career success.
  • Environment Matters: Exploring how your choice of workplace shapes your career.
  • End-User Analysis: Assessing the upstream and downstream value of your work.
  • Drilldown vs Benchmark Projects: Integrating your projects into your work effectively.
  • Ways to Be Better: Improving six different dimensions of your work.
  • Wicked Problems at Work: Tackling problems with no definitive solutions.
  • Timelogging: Its effectiveness and how to implement it.
  • Overcoming Uncertainty in Making Plans: Taking charge and acting when unsure of the next steps.

Top Performer 2.0 now includes interactive worksheets. These video-guided exercises will walk you through each step of the process.

Additionally, apart from Top Performer, we offer three other courses instructed by either Cal or Scott. Typically, these courses are offered twice per year, but in this session, we’re providing an all-access pass allowing you to take not only Top Performer but any of our other courses at your own pace. This includes:

  • Life of Focus: A three-month program designed to inject more focus into your work, life, and mind, instructed by Cal Newport and Scott Young.
  • Rapid Learner: A six-week course in effective learning, combining cognitive science research with Scott Young’s personal experiences, including access to previous programs Learning on Steroids and Learn More, Study Less.
  • Make it Happen!: Gain insights into strategies for effecting change in your life, with the upgraded Gold Edition including additional audio recordings and e-books.