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Selfish School Course

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What if you could hit a reset button, stuff your bags, and rendezvous with the world, all while maintaining a six-figure profession? What if you could literally be a selfish nomad? Welcome to the world of Ash Ambirge’s Selfish School 2023: ‘Invest in Yourself, Quit Your Job, Fully Fund Your Life of Travel, Leisure, and Selfish Inexcusable Spending.’

I’ve been studying this lifestyle framework for several years now, and looking at it from the perspective of well-being can show us what exactly the lifestyle offers (its attractor), why people might desire it (its niche), and what kinds of narratives and propositions it produces to sustain its existence. Let’s take a closer look.

The Selfish Nomad: A New Era of Work and Living

The Selfish Nomad. It was an interesting title for an idea, and one that provided a fresh outlook on what it meant to be a modern digital nomad. By 2024, the concept of a digital nomad was no longer synonymous with working from anywhere, but rather a lifestyle that balanced working and travelling with living and loving.

According to The Selfish Nomad lifestyle concept, your five steps to freedom were:

  1. Work from anywhere;
  2. Work for big dollars;
  3. Stay only in beautiful design-forward accommodations;
  4. Eat beautifully prepared and gourmet food;
  5. Do other gratifying things, and do them while seeking unique and meaningful experiences in their original context.

If you are travelling solo, with a partner, or with your family, the Selfish Lifestyle is supposed to slot right into your life – allowing for relaxed half-day work, and then most of the rest of your time to be used for meaning, creativity, pleasure, and fulfilment – hopefully, as it promises, turning us ‘back into the people we used to be’:

‘Why don’t you paint, sing, laugh, write, surf…experiment, travel, give back, or learn a new language? Why don’t you rediscover hot showers, French kisses, good wine, and quick service? Why don’t you go from somebody who is just waiting for their number to be called, going, going, gone (bleep)! To somebody who lives in the here and now; someone who is content, contoured, well-travelled, happy and financially secure?’

Much of the literature of location independence focuses less on the worklessness of the situation than on turning the long-desired daydream into a reality. Many men burble on about their digital daydreams, and for many it stays that way, particularly when it comes to the fatal error of exiting the daydream altogether and embarking on the real-life process of establishing a remotely workable lifestyle.

The Evolution of Remote Work

Ongoing trends that encouraged remote work have long been building, and the pandemic accelerated their impact. The first generation of digital nomads rejected the 9-5 construct, building online businesses that used technology to reach a global audience. Designing sub-cultures around specific passions, they made a lot of money.

But this first wave of digital entrepreneurship also came with its own pitfalls, namely burnout. Faced with a lack of boundaries, many makers were soon finding they weren’t giving themselves enough space to create or simply weren’t looking after themselves properly. Today, the emphasis seems to be moving back towards an idea of life that is more measured in terms of its time and experience.

The Selfish Method™: Dual-Income Framework

At the centre of the Selfish School is the proprietary Selfish Method™, which focuses on generating both hard-currency income ($) and time income ($T), an idea explored further in the sequel, Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens: The Revised Edition. What makes the book revolutionary, then, is not just the focus on income, but the idea that money doesn’t only buy you more freedom, but that the dual-income ($ and $T) concept also allows you to recover time.

The process is designed to enable you to get there within 24 months, weather-proofing you from the vagaries of unemployment. Time efficiency is the strategic element behind this technique, using technology to minimize the time play in building a viable business. You can strike it wealthy on half time – with the benefit of the rest of the day left for your life.

Key Benefits From the Selfish School Course

Financial Independence

Making financial independence your first stop is the basis for the Selfish Nomad lifestyle. Above is a hyper-specific and overly simplistic five-word bulleted instruction paired with an input that appropriately completes the request.

Time as Profit

As one of the chief tenets of the Selfish Method™ is that you should be thinking about your leisure time just as seriously as you think about your income, this basic calculus is oriented around effectiveness, going as far as to make you plan for the sort of month you will end up having. Your goal is to create as much free space in your day as possible – in order to allow yourself to explore your environment and seek out your soul-feeding activities, all well within the boundaries of your financial outcomes.

Work-Life Balance

The Selfish School encourages people to find a healthy work-life balance, something few workers outside the Hollywood comedy world enjoy. Shovel in only 1,400 of those large, four-hour half-days a year, and you get a lot more time with your ‘human’ friends and family. It not only reduces stress and benefits your body and mind, it helps you be more productive and creative.

Travel and Exploration

Travel is also going to be a big part of your lifestyle as a Selfish Nomad. The Selfish Method™ is designed to help you travel at least 12 weeks per year. That’s a 500 percent jump for the average U.S. professional who is typically given just two weeks of vacation at year-end. Whether it’s exploring the fjords of Finland or spending six weeks at a time in Ireland over the long summer months, your travel lifestyle will really free you up.

The Selfish Lifestyle in Practice

Being the Selfish Lifestyle also means that the opportunities we seek go beyond high pay: it means the chance to feel good. Working from a sleek office in Florence – warmth, wine bars, art galleries, green hills – spring in Scandinavia – writing, drawing – worldschooling in Portugal, France or Scotland, a friendly neighbourhood – an immersive experience for the kids, a multitude of cultures and environments for them to experience.

For this lifestyle is more than a daydream. The Selfish School can show you how it can be your reality. Wealth and leisure are attainable through delayed gratification. Don’t let the ‘selfish’ in our name mislead you. Financial and time income are both important sources through which the Selfish Method™ can deliver ease, independence, and fulfillment.

Conclusion: Embrace Your Selfish Side

Well, Selfish Nomad careers and lives are created by people willing to radically redesign their lives to come up with new ways to make money while creating a life that feels good, leaving plenty of time for the activities and experiences that you enjoy. The Selfish Method™ gives you all you need to power a career and life that allows a high six- or even a low seven-figure income combined with extensive space, time, and freedom for events, activities, and travel that enrich and inspire you.

So sell your sofa, store Aunt Jennie’s vase, and jump. Just press the Reset Button! Embark on a Selfish Lifestyle and learn to live the ‘intentional life’ of your dreams, designed to make you happy, healthy, and wealthy. You too can find a lucrative remote career and life using the Selfish School.