What you’re going to Learn Inside:

  • Part 1: How to Find a Hidden “Shovel Opportunities”. I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you how I find unique opportunities in niche markets before I ever even think about creating a digital asset to sell them.
  • Part 2: Creating your Shovel Prototype. I’ll walk you through how I create the blueprint behind what my digital asset will be (so that I can get it created fast and for cheap).
  • Part 3: Outsourcing the Build of a High-Quality Shovel (for cheap). I’ll walk you through how I get find and hire people to build my high-quality digital assets (so that I can sell their work 1000+ times) to others.
  • Part 4: The Shovel Pricing Formula. You’ll learn the math behind setting a price and exactly what to charge for your “Digital Shovel”.
  • Part 5: Shovel Selling Hot Spots. You’ll learn exactly how to set up a page to sell your “digital shovel” fast and how to get it in front of your ideal market.
  • Part 6: The Full-time “Digital Shovel” Sales Model. You’ll learn how to Scale your Digital Shovel business to 50-100k per year in Revenue.

Sales Page – https://serialprogress.samcart.com/products/the-shovel-business/

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