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This 12-week immersive program guides you through the brand strategy process, one week at a time.

The Bootcamp environment is developed to support you through the process, step-by-step, to build a brand strategy your clients will pay a premium for.

  • How To Reposition To A Brand Master
  • How To Use Strategy As Your Edge
  • How To Lay The Brand Foundations With Substance
  • How To Strategise A Unique Position Like A Master
  • How To Influence With Psychology And Neuroscience
  • How To Develop A Human Personality With Science
  • How To Craft A Compelling Message With Emotion
  • How To Develop Storytelling For Modern Marketing
  • How To Hook Your Audience From The First Touch
  • How To Craft An Unforgettable Identity From Strategy
  • How To Build A Brand Presence That Engages

WEEK 01Brand Strategy Mindset

Discover the psychology and structure behind brand strategy to show up as the best strategist and consultant you can be.

WEEK 02The Brand Within

Develop the internal brand compass that shapes what you believe, where you’re going and what your brand is committed to.

WEEK 03Audience & Competitor Research

Uncover your target market, bring them to life and analyse your competitors who are already serving them.

WEEK 04Differentiation Strategy

Find gaps and opportunities left by your competitors and develop a difference that will act as your competitive edge.

WEEK 05Psychology And Neuroscience

Discover the science behind brand strategy and learn how to leverage psychology to build brands and persuade clients

WEEK 06Brand Archetypes And Personality

Develop a tangible personality using archetypes and bring it to life so your brand feels like a tangible human entity.

WEEK 07Brand Messaging Framework

Craft a brand messaging framework of key messages that will act as a coms guide and shape your brand image.

WEEK 08Brand Storytelling Framework

Develop a storytelling framework of micro stories with a structure used by best-selling authors and Oscar winning film makers

WEEK 09Brand Naming, Tagline And Hooks

Craft a strategic brand name and tagline to encapsulate your brand position and engaging hooks to draw your audience in.

WEEK 10Visual Identity Development

Bring your brand to life visually, using your strategy as the basis for creative direction and visual identity design.

WEEK 11Brand Guidelines Development

Distil and document your brand strategy to develop a Brand Master Guide as a rule book and directive for all brand communication.

WEEK 12Brand Strategy Delivery

Deliver your final Brand Master Guide by submitting for evaluation with guidance and feedback from your coach.