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Kontent Engine DB Course

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The Size is 15.02 GB and it is Released in 2024

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Streamline Your Content Creation with Kontent Engine DB

If brands, agencies, and marketing teams want to scale their digital footprint and output, then creating quality content is a must. But creating content isn’t easy, and the process of production and distribution can get out of hand and consume large amounts of time. After years of struggle, scrambling and wasting time, Stephen Pope has created a Kontent Engine Database (KEDB) system that will automate 100 per cent of content production, allowing teams to exponentially increase their output with ease.

Introduction to Kontent Engine DB Course

Kontent’s AI-powered Kontent Engine DB is a ‘single-stack, vertically integrated turnkey system that automates both the planning and production of content, as well as the promotion of it across paid, owned and earned media,’ it explains. You can use this system to ‘#hustle like @garyvee to scale your content 1,000-fold from 16 pieces a year to 16 pieces a day without adding staff or money to your budget.’ Sounds like a fantastic mashup of technology, Gary Vee, personal branding, and financial advice.

Key Features of Kontent Engine DB

Planning Automation

Perhaps the most important element to KEDB is automating the planning process, which includes idea generation, scripting, scheduling and shoot prepping, saving teams countless hours of manual planning. Instead, every piece of content that travels through the funnel will have proper focus and competitive scheduling.

Enhanced Organization

Using its tentacles of automation, which include intelligent and dynamic file management, and smart folder organisation, KEDB tags and categorises every file, while simultaneously tracking and searching for any individual or group of files. The system builds upon itself and cuts down on cumbersome and time-consuming searches for assets, making it ideal for working with large teams or multiple agencies on concurrent projects.

Seamless Production Management

The system keeps teams in line through reminders, due dates and an overview for all tasks and duties; SOPs are in place, one click away revealing tasks, deadlines etc, thus avoiding communication barriers, deadlines, tasks oversee etc.

AI & ChatGPT Integration

The advantage of KEDB is that it can integrate with AI and ChatGPT and generate copies and proofs of the videos that were initially created. Based on AI, this tool can publish text articles or blog posts that relate to the videos published on KEDB, which will help the video content to spread much more rapidly and increase organic traffic to the company’s website. Furthermore, AI will help to transform old successful videos into text articles and blog posts with minimum effort, which can also act as essential tools in SEO, saving a great deal of time for teams that work with video content.

Automatic Posting

KEDB will automatically post it on all your social media platforms without the hassle of re-uploading the content and setting the schedule for each post. It will save your time and ensure that your brand is posted on all channels at the same time.

Detailed Analytics

By providing real-time analytics of the content performance across various social media platforms, teams can make informed decisions, with actionable feedback, on how to improve the content strategy over time and offer greater engagement and reach to the stakeholders.

Included Resources

KEDB comes with a range of resources to support its users:

  • Airtable Database Template: A customizable template to manage all content and workflows.
  • Zapier Automation Templates: Pre-built automations to streamline various processes.
  • Detailed step-by-step video instructions: Allowing users to prepare themselves to use the system, and actually doing it correctly.
  • Sample Editor Guidelines and SOPs: Best practices for managing content production.
  • Free Lifetime Updates: Continuous improvements and new features added at no additional cost.
  • 12 Weeks of Support: Weekly group Q&A calls with me and access to a private Slack channel for ongoing support.

To date, Kontent Engine DB has helped more than 100 clients create and share tens of thousands of videos on their social networks. One example of such results is Juan Alcala at Tru Living Group, who reported having gone from fewer than five pieces of content per day to more than a dozen, and only with a third of the staff. Such functionality and scalability in your digital assets is a boon to your business.

Why Choose This Course?

Save Time and Resources

Equipment Identification Database (KEDB) helps teams save thousands of hours by automating repetitive entry tasks. Repurposing this time frees up team members for higher impact activities, contributing to the efficiency that allows us to support research that doesn’t require large teams. This revised version of the text better captures the concept of streamlined data entry.

Boost Content Output

KEDB can increase output from an average of a few posts a day, to over 100 posts a week, via automation and AI and allows teams to maintain high quality without burning out.

Stress-Free Workflow

KEDB enables the hard-working team to create polished content free of any uncertainties or ambiguities, all while keeping relationships relatively unstressed. The overarching organisational framework of KEDB, along with its features that provide all team members with a clear view of each teammate’s individual duties and the deadlines attached to them, means that the once-nightmarish process of drafting content on a large scale is centralised and under control.

Customizable and Scalable

100 per cent customisable, KEDB seamlessly integrates with any workflow, accommodating numerous brands or clients, or a variety of organisational structures. As teams expand, KEDB will grow with them, readily scaling to meet higher content demands.

Subscription and Setup

Getting started on KEDB requires three online tools: subscriptions to Airtable ($20/month) and Zapier ($20/month), and a Google Business Starter account ($6/month), for a total of around $46/month. All the tools you need to scale your content production are at your fingertips – for a modest fraction of the cost of a week of tacos and guacamole.

KEDB is a piece of software and setting it up takes anywhere from several hours to several days depending upon the skillset of the person doing the work. There are thorough installation instructions on the sales website along with a suite of additional support materials so that someone without extensive technical training can follow along. If you don’t want to handle the setup, you can purchase a done-for-you installation for an extra $2,997, which includes two 1-on-1 onboarding and strategy calls.


The Kontent Engine Database comes from Stephen Pope and promises to change the way teams create, produce and distribute content. It has been re-imagined and re-created to automate and simplify the content creation process. KEDB helps you scale your output by cutting out wasted time that steals momentum, engages a happy team, and delivers content in an easy, intuitive manner for anyone in your organization or on your team.