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Are you ready to elevate your coaching practice to new heights? Dive into the most comprehensive online coaching program ever created by the legendary Steve Chandler. For over a decade, his Advanced Client Systems (ACS) have transformed ordinary coaches into extraordinary success stories, and now this wealth of knowledge is available in an extensive, content-rich video and audio format.

This isn’t just another coaching course. This is your chance to learn directly from Steve Chandler, known as the “Godfather of Coaching,” along with a group of super-successful coaches who are all graduates of his program. Packed with decades of wisdom and practical insights, this course provides everything you need to build a thriving coaching practice and achieve your professional dreams.

Welcome to the Online Coaching Prosperity School

You’ll Learn:

Core Principles and Advanced Systems: Steve Chandler personally guides you through the essential principles and advanced systems for creating a prosperous coaching practice. Drawing from his acclaimed books like “The Prosperous Coach,” “37 Ways to Boost Your Coaching Practice,” and “50 Ways to Create Great Relationships,” Steve’s teachings are both profound and practical.

Daily Motivational Tips: Kickstart each day with one of Steve’s 94 inspiring two-minute video tips. These concise nuggets of wisdom will keep you motivated and focused, ensuring the lessons stay with you long after you complete the course.

Transformative Audio Programs: Immerse yourself in ten of Steve’s most powerful audio programs, specially selected to boost your business acumen and personal growth. These audios cover everything from building confidence to mastering client enrollment.

Insights from Master Coaches: Learn from 16 guest teachers, each a master coach in their own right. They share their secrets and systems for attracting clients and building a successful practice, turning the sales and marketing process into an enjoyable journey of relationship-building.

Real Success Stories from Real Coaches

Amir Karkouti: “This school is so incredible, I ended up with a full practice over and over again. I even wrote a book around the lessons I learned here. Don’t think about joining. Join. Make the leap for yourself and your clients—you will not be disappointed.”

Stephen McGhee: “Steve Chandler’s coaching school is the most powerful thing I have done for my business in over 10 years. My prior mid six-figure income is now skyrocketing, and at the same time, I am enjoying more peace and calm in my daily business.”

Karen Davis: “People often ask me why I have repeated Steve Chandler’s ACS Program for coaches eight consecutive times. My experience has been like compounded interest over time, yielding exponential returns. My coaching practice has never been more prosperous.”

Overview: The Roadmap to Your Success

Introduction with Jason Goldberg: Start your journey with a comprehensive introduction that sets the stage for your transformation.

Lessons in Client Creation and Practice Building:

  1. Selling Without Selling: Master the art of enrolling clients without feeling salesy.
  2. Taking Ownership: Learn to take full responsibility for your coaching practice and its success.
  3. Great Teaching from Master Coach Rich Litvin: Gain insights from one of the industry’s top coaches.
  4. The Ladder: Understand the step-by-step process to elevate your practice.
  5. Listening: Discover the power of active listening in client relationships.
  6. Coaching Teenagers: Aila Coats shares her expertise in coaching younger clients.
  7. Creative Listening with Tom Chi: Learn innovative listening techniques to better understand your clients.
  8. Creating a Community of Coaching Prospects: Build a network that supports your practice growth.
  9. The Referral Triangle: Unlock the secrets to generating continuous client referrals.
  10. Service and the Referral Family Tree: Develop a service mindset that attracts more clients.

And many more lessons, each designed to address specific aspects of building a successful coaching practice.

Hear What Graduates Have to Say

Stephen McGhee: “My income has skyrocketed, and I’m enjoying more peace and calm in my business.”

Karen Davis: “I’ve experienced exponential returns, and my coaching practice has never been more prosperous.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this coaching program different from others? This program is the culmination of Steve Chandler’s decades of experience, featuring content that has been refined and perfected over years of live workshops and coaching sessions. It offers practical, actionable insights that you can implement immediately to see results.

Is this program suitable for new coaches? Absolutely. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your practice to the next level, this program provides the tools and strategies you need to succeed.

How long do I have access to the course? You get lifetime access to all the course materials, so you can revisit the lessons and audio programs whenever you need a refresher.

Can I interact with other participants? Yes, there is a vibrant online community where you can connect with other coaches, share experiences, and support each other’s growth.

What if I can’t complete the course in one go? No problem. The course is designed to be flexible. You can go at your own pace and revisit any section as many times as you need.

Is there a money-back guarantee? Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the program.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course each week? While the course is comprehensive, it’s also designed to fit into your busy schedule. You can spend as little as 30 minutes a day and still make significant progress.

Will this program help me find clients? Absolutely. One of the core focuses of the program is client creation. You’ll learn proven strategies to attract and retain clients, ensuring a steady flow of business.

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