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Imagine waking up every day with the freedom to choose how you spend your time. No more 9-to-5 grind, no more stressful commutes, no more missing out on life’s precious moments. Instead, you’re your own boss, creating content that not only fuels your passions but also generates a substantial income.

Welcome to Profitable Audience by Steve Chou and Toni Anderson—a step-by-step course meticulously crafted to guide you through building a thriving online presence and monetizing your traffic effectively. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a small business owner struggling with traffic, or someone looking for financial freedom, this course is your gateway to achieving your dreams.

Why Profitable Audience Stands Out

Unlike other programs that simply tell you what to do, Profitable Audience holds your hand every step of the way. Here’s how we make it happen:

  • Live Coaching Sessions: Engage directly with Steve and Toni in weekly group calls where all your specific questions are answered live.
  • 24/7 Email Support: Have a question at 2 AM? No problem. Our team is here to help anytime.
  • Private Facebook Group: Collaborate with fellow students, promote each other’s posts, and bounce off ideas in a supportive community.

From the moment you sign up, you gain lifetime access to all course materials, email support, and live coaching sessions. This isn’t just a one-time course; it’s a lifetime investment with zero upsells.

Meet Your Instructors

Steve Chou and Toni Anderson are the masterminds behind this transformative course.

Steve Chou

Steve, a Stanford-educated engineer, started blogging in 2009 and now generates over a million dollars annually through his site His expertise spans writing custom WordPress themes and plugins, managing marketing and advertising, and handling all technical aspects of his blog. Steve’s work has been featured in Inc, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, MSNBC, and ABC. His hands-on approach ensures that you receive practical, actionable advice grounded in real-world experience.

Toni Anderson

Toni, a blogging veteran since 2006, runs Her site has garnered attention from CNN, HLN, ABC News, Entrepreneur, and more. Toni specializes in content creation, social media, blog monetization, and strategic partnerships. She has led large-scale blogger networks and corporate training sessions for major brands like Kraft, ConAgra, and Macy’s. Toni’s expertise in communication and relationship-building helps you grow your audience and monetize effectively.

Success Stories

Here’s what our students are saying:

Kym Campbell, Founder of “Thanks to Steve’s lessons on SEO, my website traffic increased over 5-fold, and I grossed over $400k in revenue this year. Steve genuinely cares about his students and provides unparalleled guidance.”

Jim Wang, Founder of “Steve and Toni are two of the most knowledgeable and experienced bloggers I know. Their patience and relatability turn expertise into actionable advice anyone can use.”

Andrea Deckard, Founder of “I’ve seen many blogging courses, but I trust very few to teach blogging. Toni and Steve are two of them. Take this class if you want to run a successful blog that actually makes you money.”

The Curriculum

Profitable Audience covers everything from the basics to advanced strategies in a structured, easy-to-follow format:

Module 1 – Getting Started

  • Key principles to keep in mind when starting
  • Identifying profitable content ideas
  • Framework for guaranteed success
  • Assessing profit potential
  • Finding your ideal customer

Module 2 – Setting Up Your Website

  • Setting up your website affordably
  • Finding and installing themes
  • Creating webpages without a designer
  • Essential plugins for speed and functionality

Module 3 – Formulate Your Content Strategy

  • Creating engaging content
  • Formatting posts for Google and readers
  • Copy elements that engage and sell
  • Outsourcing content cost-effectively
  • Editorial calendars for streamlined content creation

Module 4 – Search Engine Optimization

  • Effective keyword research
  • Structuring posts for maximum visibility
  • Generating backlinks
  • On-site SEO best practices

Module 5 – Email Marketing

  • Growing your subscriber list rapidly
  • Converting readers to leads
  • Setting up high-converting funnels

Module 6 – Facebook and Instagram Marketing

  • Driving traffic from Facebook and Instagram
  • Free traffic strategies using social media
  • Leveraging Facebook Messenger marketing

Module 7 – Pinterest Marketing

  • Growing your Pinterest account
  • Creating beautiful, effective pins
  • Converting Pinterest traffic to leads

Module 8 – Paid Traffic Strategies

  • Facebook ads for cheap traffic
  • Pinterest ads for email list growth
  • Google Display ads for retargeting
  • Facebook Messenger ads

Module 9 – Selling Digital Products

  • Creating digital products
  • Selling on Amazon KDP
  • Printables and digital files for your site

Module 10 – Affiliate Marketing

  • Finding and promoting great affiliate offers
  • Social media and email promotion
  • Advanced tracking and paid advertising strategies

Module 11 – Selling Display Ads and Working with Brands

  • Display advertising overview
  • Signing up for ad networks
  • Best practices with brands
  • Negotiating sponsored content deals

Module 12 – Scaling and Outsourcing

  • Finding inexpensive content writers
  • Outsourcing marketing tasks
  • Managing writing, social media, and promotion

Module 13 – Online Courses

  • Preselling and validating course ideas
  • Pricing models
  • Setting up content delivery
  • High-converting webinars

Module 14 – Podcasting

  • Starting a podcast
  • Recording and editing audio
  • Launching to the top of podcast charts

Module 15 – YouTube

  • Starting a YouTube channel
  • Keyword research for videos
  • Creating engaging content
  • Growing your subscriber list

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to begin? You can start for as little as $2.95/month. Setting up a WordPress site is one of the most affordable ways to start an online business. The course includes lifetime access to all materials with no upsells.

Do I need a content topic already? No, you don’t. The course includes modules to help you identify a profitable niche. You can also email us for feedback on your ideas before you start.

Is the course for beginners or experienced content creators? It’s for both. The course covers everything from beginner basics to advanced strategies, allowing you to skip around as needed.

Do I get direct access to Steve and Toni? Yes, you do. You’ll have lifetime access to live coaching sessions and can ask questions anytime via email.

What if I can’t make it to the live coaching calls? All live sessions are recorded and available for you to access anytime.

What if I have questions? Our team is available 24/7 via email, and you can ask questions during live coaching sessions.

Who is this course for?

  • People who want to sell products online: Build an audience of loyal fans first to maximize sales.
  • People who want to help others: Amplify your reach and impact with a loyal audience.
  • People new to audience building: Learn every aspect from scratch.
  • People who have plateaued: Learn advanced strategies to grow further.
  • People seeking financial freedom and flexibility: Work from anywhere and enjoy the freedom to live life on your terms.

Your Journey to Success Starts Now

With Profitable Audience, you’re not just buying a course—you’re investing in your future. Steve and Toni have poured their decades of combined experience into creating a comprehensive guide that will help you build a profitable, sustainable online business.

Take control of your life today. Enroll in the course and start your journey towards financial freedom and flexibility. With lifetime access, unwavering support, and a proven roadmap to success, you have everything you need to thrive.

When you want to learn how to do something and do it well from the start, you need the best guiding you. Toni and Steve are not only experienced bloggers who understand the intricacies of SEO and revenue growth, but they are also exceptional teachers who provide actionable advice and inspiration every step of the way.