What is included in the download?

You will receive access to an online account on www.harperhypnosis.com where you will get weekly lectures and manuals on erotic hypnosis. You will have the opportunity to request specific information for each lecture. The lectures will be in MP3 and movie format so you can watch them or listen to them on your device. You will be able to download them at your convenience once they have been uploaded.

Topics include:
1. How to give 5 – 20 minute orgasms to yourself and strangers
2. Instant inductions, NLP inductions
3. Telepathic orgasms
4. Mind dolls, virtual romance worlds
5. Anchoring romantic and sexual responses
6. Healing low libido or any sexual dysfunction
7. Increasing your sexual pleasure with your partner
8. Multiple orgasms for men and women
9. Using Erotic Hypnosis on strangers and for entertainment.
10. Dangers of Hypnosis that you are not told about
11. The Power of Eastern hypnosis
12. New, improved confidence to hypnotize

Price – $197 $20

Delivery – Mega Download Link

Size – 9.59 GB

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