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The Footprint Edge Course

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When it comes to futures trading, things can get a bit hectic and complex, especially for those entering the financial markets with no prior experience. However, if armed with the right tools and strategies, it is possible for anyone to become a skilled trader (if you don’t yet understand how these principles work, you can check out these two guides to learn more about what futures trading is and how a VWAP trader actually navigates the market). The Footprint Edge Course curated by Axia Futures is a full-fledged, strategy-oriented training program for aspiring traders looking to form a unique, process-oriented mindset to futures trading. In this article, we’re going walk you through some of the key lessons and features behind this revolutionary training course, so you can have a deep insight into its functioning and how it could help boost your trading.

What is The Footprint Edge Course?

If you have not heard of the Footprint Edge Course yet, you need to check it out asap. This is THE trading course about futures, but is based around a superior Order Flow tool named Footprint, the most advanced Order Flow tool today, which generates leading information for timing and execution that is far superior than any Technical Analysis which often comes too late, i.e. the price has already moved. It has my strategies on the 5 most liquid futures markets and it will have a bonus session on Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (fun, speculation, highly risky) as well.

Course Overview

The Footprint Edge Course covers 35.5 hours of education in a carefully orchestrated format that mixes both theory and practical solutions in meeting traders at growth and development stages: Day Trader (D1), Swing Trader (D2), and (S), System Trading (A), and System Trading (A+), with: Live Market (Applications) examples, 10 new strategies, Drill guided sessions, and (2) months’ free access to Axia Futures’ Live Streaming Premium Membership service. Units 1 and 13 are free to try for those who would like to ‘sample the fruit first’.

Introduction to the Footprint Tool

The course teaches how to use the Footprint tool from the beginning, including how this tool works, what its functionality is, and how it adds value and differs from ordinary technical analysis tools. This lesson in the course serves as a fundamental educational piece on which all other lessons are built upon.

Setting Up Footprint Charts

Units 2.1 and 2.2 are both walk-throughs to help the trader configure their Footprint analysis chart. I cover both Sierra Chart and CQG. For any trader, getting the right charts set up correctly will ensure that their trading is based on accurate data interpretation.

Core Footprint Trading Principles

The main trading principles of Unit 3 are essential and must be mastered to tap into valuable information given by the FootPrint tool. I showed these main principles with examples from volume analysis, order flow and price action in order to help traders build their theory.

Advanced Footprint Charting

Unit 4: Complex Footprint charting. In this unit, traders learn to analyse complex chart patterns with extreme accuracy. They are taught to think in terms of processes and use other advanced visualisation features of Footprint to better – and quicker – understand market behaviour. This is the unit for any algo trader who wants to push their analytical skills to new levels.

Strategy Development and Implementation

From the start, one of the main selling points of The Footprint Edge Course is the creation of strategy – laying out 10 different strategies for totally different trading cycles and markets conditions. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Strategy 1: Absorption and Auctioning

The essence of the strategy is to find absorption: large orders being absorbed into the market without a large movement in the price movements that characterise the dark pools. If we can cipher the telltale patterns, we can anticipate when large buy or sell orders will prompt a reversal in the market, then time our trades to take advantage.

Strategy 2: Hiding Behind the Elephant

This system teaches traders how to find hidden large share orders, which are often placed just prior to a major market movement. The idea being that, if you recognise the elephant in the room, you can decide whether you want to sit in the chair where it’s going to sit next.

Strategy 3: Failed Break of Support and Resistance

Here, individuals are taught the tell-tale signs of failed breakouts, opportunities to trade that can be incredibly profitable if you can anticipate and prepare for when these pivotal price movements will reverse.

Strategy 4: Auction Imbalances

This strategy involves identifying mis-pricings, where the supply-demand relationship is out of balance, and where traders can find ways to build positive edge by exploiting those imbalances to enter into trades more often than not.

Strategy 5: Exhaustion High and Low

It will show you how exhaustion patterns can signal a complete price move and the potential for reversal and then teach you how to use this market wisdom.

Strategy 6: The Initiative Drive

His initiative drive strategy looks to find strong directional moves initiated by aggressive buyers and aggressive sellers. This momentum can be traded by siding with these market actors.

Advanced Strategies

The course also covers more advanced strategies, including:

Strategy 7: Key Auction Reversals

Strategy 8: Breakout Trading

Strategy 9: Footprint Delta Position Unwind

Strategy 10: Risk Event Trading

Bonus Material and Additional Resources

As well as the main content, The Footprint Edge Course includes more than a dozen bonus materials:

Complete Footprint Playbook Debrief: Step-by-step look at each of the strategies discussed in class, which serves as a cheat sheet to traders who want to trade again.

And it will give you access to free Live Market Analysis Daily Streams where you will be able to see the entire trainings of the strategies in real time. You will learn exactly what the traders are doing, why they are doing it and what the next step is.

The Footprint Workshop

One of those is a three-part workshop that helps traders better understand the Footprint tool:

A Quick Roadmap to Footprint Language: here’s how to put one together, interpret it, and learn from it.

Market Interaction: Single company report – Scenario analysis: sample lesson and exercise. In Analyze multiple Footprints simultaneously and Analyze multiple Footprints, distance from actors, hotspots, and waterbodies are also included.

Advanced training: You are enrolled in Art of Texting’s Master Pattern Recognition summer session. As Dennis reminds you – Recognizing and correctly interpreting the Footprint charts’ key patterns is your top priority.


Focusing on the unique capabilities of the Footprint tool combined with a strategy oriented approach ensures that the trader walks away from the course equipped with the skills and knowledge that is required to succeed in the modern markets. Early stage traders can rely on the Footprint whilst they gain more experience while advanced traders can gravitate to the Fundamental and Technical trend trading methods to enhance and monetize on their existing track record.