Being a macro investor without deeply understanding the bond market is like eating soup with a fork: you can somehow make it, but it’s hard and unproductive.

The bond market scares many away as it’s full of jargon and insider-only knowledge, but that ends today with Alf’s Bond Market Course!

Get access to:

  • More than 4 hours (8 lessons) of Bond Market Course
  • Alf’s Supporting Slides
  • Additional set of slides directing you to publicly available Data Sources

Course Overview

Lesson 1: A Two-Fold Approach To Really Understand The Bond Market

Lesson 2+3: A Deep Dive on the Front-End of the Yield Curve

Lesson 4+5: A Deep Dive on the Long-End of the Yield Curve

Lesson 6+7: The Yield Curve

Lesson 8: Credit Spreads

Course Recap

Price –  $540 $10

Delivery – Mega Download Link

Size – 3.18 GB

Release Date – 2024

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