Pat Stedman Masterclass is 18.5+ hours of video content by the acclaimed men’s coach designed to give men total mastery with women.

You can think about Pat Stedman Masterclass as a “collection of maps.”

A map is something that helps you explore the territory. In Masterclass, Pat shows us a series of fascinating, insightful “talks about girls” that serve as “maps” to help us thrive in the sexual marketplace.

1. General psychology as it relates to the social lives of men.

2. Very specific sexual marketplace notes (including some of the best notes on female psychology anywhere… Pat crushes it there). And then we arrive at his specialty,

3. Extensive coaching for men in relationships.

He separates himself from generic “how to bang the girl” lessons as he is a strong advocate of meaningful relationships with women. While I am a bachelor and a player, I know a lot of guys get into Games as a path to something more long-term. This is a perfect product for guys like that. While Pat has credibility in terms of meeting and picking up girls, he has exceptional insight and coaching for guys that choose to screen toward a monogamous future.

As men, we give women so much emphasis (especially the truly beautiful ones) we sometimes forget just how lost they often are. In a way, I love them for that. There are a lot of details and guidance that will apply to your Game regardless of your level of “commitment.”

Masterclass has over 50 separate talks on a range of topics including “self-sabotage,” being a “nice guy,” the role of values in your Game, “hypergamy,” and how your “mommy issues” impact how you relate with women. He touches on classic Game examples like Mystery’s false-time constraints. His content on “energy” is fantastic. Then, he is specific on ways to meet women. And finally, some intensely good notes on girls as you move deeper into relationships… including a talk called “Handling her Moods”

Pat will give you a lot of the right questions to ask yourself as you evaluate women… and he supplies a great deal of well-vetted answers as well.

Masterclass has sections on all the traditional modes of Games… day game, night game, online. My read is that Pat is best adapted to social circle games (lots of examples, he is very credible there).

One way that Pat could make an impact on your Game is by taking whatever method you like to meet girls and adding “life” to the skeleton of that structure.

If we think of something like the London Daygame Model, it’s a fantastic structure, a series of incredibly helpful steps. I remember studying them as I took the plunge into day game. And I also remember how “thin” those steps were in terms of what to actually do when I was face to face with a girl (and the “why” of it all).

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Size – 13.12 GB

Release Date – 2020

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