The Volume Traders – Order Flow Mastery 2024

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Understanding Order Flow and Volume Trading

At the foundation of this type of trading is the examination of the orders that flow through markets day and night; these orders can give us insights into the intention of major players. You can detect whether it is a real stop hunt or not, or if big orders are being placed in the book. If you are able to master order-flow trading, you don’t have to stay glued to your computer screen 24/7 watching candles and thinking that one is black and the other is white. With volume trading, you can see how much cash is being deployed into the market – whether that wonderful and colourful big candle is real or fake, your trades are your trades.

Why Choose the Order Flow Mastery Course?

This trading course is different from all others because it gives YOU real-time, accurate data that you lucratively trade upon without guessing.

Topics to Expect in the Order Flow Mastery Course:

  • Spotting Valid Order Flow Zones
    • Identify key market zones where significant trading activity occurs.
    • Avoid unprofitable areas and enhance your trading efficiency.
    • Gain the confidence to trade based on solid, reliable information.
  • Entering the Market After the Big Players
    • Learn to time your market entries by following the actions of major players.
    • Eliminate risky guesses and trade with confirmed market trends.
    • Use big players’ actions to make more informed and effective trades.
  • Trading Order Flow Using Volume
    • Master the art of using volume to make smarter trading decisions.
    • Understand how volume reveals real market directions.
    • Reduce risk and avoid common pitfalls with volume-informed strategies.
  • Avoiding Manipulation by Big Players
    • Stay one step ahead of big players’ tactics and protect your trades.
    • Recognize and avoid market manipulation strategies.
    • Develop solid trading strategies that withstand big market player influences.
  • Essential Tools for Profitable Trading
    • Discover the key tools that have transformed many traders’ journeys.
    • Avoid common errors and streamline your trading strategy with the right tools.

Real Success Stories from Our Students

It’s actually quite incredible how well our students are doing. The Order Flow Mastery Course is an awesome course! Here are some of the testimonials we’ve received recently from traders who have completely transformed their trading careers thanks to our program:

  • Alex Nguyen: Since I’ve started trading with TVT my style has completely changed. The content is great and nothing is missing.
  • @Vixen: ‘Ive been with Seb from Day 1 so his support means a lot and the Summary of the Day videos are golden.’
  • Doug: ‘I belong to “my” flock. But after joining Seb and his community, I can say that I have arrived home.

Course Modules

The Order Flow Mastery Course breaks down the concept of order flow and volume trading from level one all the way to level three through video, screenshots, and text.

Modules Overview:

  • Module 1: Introduction
    • Importance of mindset and success in trading.
    • An introduction to Seb and his trading journey.
  • Module 2: Installation and Setup (NT8 & MZPack)
    • Setting up NinjaTrader 8 and MZpack indicators for order flow trading.
  • Module 3: Alternative Setup (MT5 + Clusterdelta)
    • Setting up MetaTrader for volume trading and Cluster Delta for order flow trading.
  • Module 4: Supply and Demand
    • Spotting high probability zones and using indicators for verification.
  • Module 5: Key Levels
    • Understanding and trading key market levels.
  • Module 6: Market Structure
    • Viewing markets, making daily biases, and understanding accumulation distribution.
  • Module 7: Compression / Liquidity Grabs
    • Recognizing manipulation patterns and extra confluences for entries.
  • Module 8: Footprint Charts – Order Flow
    • Basics of footprint charts, trading absorption, and combining footprint analysis with current strategies.
  • Module 9: Imbalances
    • Incorporating imbalance analysis with order flow and predicting potential market turns.
  • Module 10: Absorption – Passive and Aggressive Orders
    • Understanding absorption and aggressive orders and identifying absorption patterns.
  • Module 11: Entries and Take Profits (TP)
    • Adapting entry and TP strategies to market conditions, and allocation and management of TP levels.
  • Module 12: Trading Examples
    • Practical trading examples to enhance learning.
  • Module 13: Weekly Summary
    • Recap videos of weekly trades for continuous learning.

Exclusive Bonuses

Signing up also gets you four extra bonuses worth more than €900:

  • Bonus #1: 70+ Trade Explanation Videos
    • Gain insights from over 70 videos where Seb breaks down his trades in detail.
  • Bonus #2: GU Scalpers Course
    • Dive into the specialized Old GU Scalpers Course, focused on trading GBP/USD.

Join Our Trading Community

Once you do, you will truly be hooked. Because you are now part of something bigger than just an education, you are part of an exclusive trading community. Together, we share insights, encourage each other and help everybody improve their skills. The Order Flow Mastery Course staff is very busy residing within the students’ discussions and making sure the energy doesn’t dissipate… At the end of the day, forex trading is primarily about the person more than the tools.

Affordable Pricing

The total investment for accessing the full Order Flow Mastery Course and the six bonuses is well over €1500. However, this sum is heavily discounted and you can get instant access to the Order Flow Mastery Course for just €330. This one-time fee includes your access to all the materials as well as the community support.

The Order Flow Mastery Course is ideal for traders who:

  • Are ready to make consistent trading profits.
  • Seek a precise and confident market approach.
  • Want to join a community of successful traders.
  • Aim for full-time trading freedom.

Meet Your Instructor

Sebastian had been a trucker but started forex trading six years ago and was fully funded within two. His trading strategy has been developed by himself and in use, with constant refinement, for six years now and this course is totally hands-on as he says: ‘I learn every day and live by what I teach.’

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course suitable for beginners?

This is also not a crash course – it is not for newbies in the field. If you have basic knowledge of markets, this is absolutely the right course for you to start to deliver consistency as an advisor.

What tools are required for the strategies?

We use NinjaTrader and MZpack, but also explain how to use MetaTrader and ClusterDelta.

Do you offer support and a community forum?

Yes, there is a chat area and help/QA board available in our members-only area where traders can ask and answer questions and the team is also actively present.

How often is the course material updated?

We add weekly summary videos to show the strategy applied live in the market.

Is this a one-time fee?

It’s $330 for lifetime access – a reduced price as a launch discount.