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Delivery – Mega

Size – 2.54 GB

Release Date – 2024

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What’s Included:

Unlimited Access to 8 Video Modules, 4 Hours of Video, and Lifetime Updates

Modules to Improve Your Framer Game:


  • Course overview with your instructor
  • Framer compared to other tools
  • Interface walkthrough
  • Pre-design checklist

Key Concepts:

  • Understanding type, graphics, and images
  • Creating stack- and grid-based layouts
  • Exploring positioning (relative, absolute, fixed)
  • Working with element sizing (fixed, fill, auto)
  • Implementing reusable text and color styles


  • Overview of components
  • Utilizing code components and built-in plugins to create variants and variables
  • Implementing interactive states (hover, press)

Content System:

  • Overview of the CMS (Content Management System)
  • Organizing a collection of CMS pages
  • Sorting and filtering content

Effects and Motion:

  • Understanding effects and their options (appear, hover, etc.)
  • Implementing motion-based components
  • Using scroll transforms and variants
  • Best practices and dos and don’ts for effects and motion

Extras and Details:

  • Incorporating overlays and embeds
  • Implementing custom code overrides and SEO meta tags
  • Ensuring responsive design
  • Tips, tricks, and shortcuts for efficient design creation