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Did you know that improved learning has become the single best predictor of higher income for both individuals and countries?

Over 60 years of research from some of the world’s leading economists has shown that you can scientifically “shortcut” your way to increased income and higher earning potential by simply becoming a better, smarter, and faster learner!

They learned that even just simple improvements in how someone reads could create an increase in income every single year. Just from getting better at that one skill.

The old saying “learn more, earn more” isn’t just some self-help nonsense…it actually works!

There’s a reason why the most successful entrepreneurs today like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, and Oprah Winfrey are such devout readers and advocates of learning.


Because in our world where new technology is old only a month after it’s initial release, and where changes in information and the skills required to succeed are moving at breakneck speeds…

The ability to learn faster and smarter is a modern day superpower.

Especially for entrepreneurs or business owners who can turn even the smallest of learnings into massive fortunes while creating a life of freedom, control, and abundance.

Better learning can help turn any piece of content you consume — from books, podcasts, YouTube, etc — into consistent improvement day after day while others continue to consume but never create…

Faster learning allows you to master new skills more quickly and generate a high-income in any economy while others rely on disappearing “job security”…

And smarter learning gives the entrepreneur the ultimate “unfair advantage” by inspiring them to outthink their competition and get ahead more easily…

By ultimately innovating and creating more value in the marketplace while others copy and simply try to keep up.

There’s no industry, niche, or profession where improved learning doesn’t improve results.

Learning how to learn more effectively might be the smartest investment of time and energy anyone could make, especially during times like right now.


But today, deep learning — the kind required for skill mastery — has never been more difficult.

Our phones have become like a Swiss Army Knife of digital distraction…splitting our attention, focus, and hindering our learning.

Everyday there’s a new podcast to listen to, a new book to read, and a new skill to learn. “More, more, more!” comes the constant call to consume.

So while there’s never been more information, there’s never been less focus.

And when it comes to mastering skills, improving your memory, and unlocking the potential in your mind…

It’s less about WHAT TO LEARN, and more about HOW TO LEARN!

Faster and smarter learning is less about what book you should read, and more about mastering how to read any book in such a way that you actually get better from it.

Because focusing on the “what” and not the “how” of learning creates perpetual “learning traps”.

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