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Using Hypnotic Language Like A Ninja – The Most Advanced Training On Suggestion, Influence, Change Work And The Meta Model That Exists Today!

On This Advanced Training You Will Master Insights Such As…

  • The Secret to true Communication Magic – it involves doing the complete opposite of what most hypnotists and NLP’ers are taught
  • Why you need to get past memorized patterns and tools if you ever want to become a master of change
  • How to develop Ninja like elegance and simplicity  – the ability get in and out of peoples minds without being noticed
  • Why believing in an unconscious mind may actually limit you from becoming a great hypnotist
  • How to use the structures and patterns of ordinary conversations to direct people’s thoughts
  • How Michael used Radical Subtraction Modeling to identify the underlying structure of suggestions and hypnosis
  • An easy to apply method Michael uses to ingrain his learning into muscle memory.  You can use this to make hypnotic language an automatic natural part of your communication
  • How to use NLP Goal setting principles to enhance and accelerate your linguistic wizardry skills
  • The only way to train your brain to become twice as good
  • The unique and little known Sherlock Holmes Hypnosis Formula. Master the ability to ask hypnotic questions that change people
  • How Michael gets his mentees to accelerate their learning by watching more TV!
  • How to build a state of belief and certainty that your client will accept your suggestion
  • How Michael used face reading to chose what language to use
  • The real reason why weak trainers say not everyone can be hypnotized and why this is a complete LIE
  • The insiders secret you need to know to change someone’s life with just one question
  • How Michael can take the least likely technique to work in any situation and still deliver amazing results.
  • Michael takes you thorough how he resolved a debilitating phobia of flying with just a simple conversation
  • Advanced insights into the Meta Model never shared before
  • Michael’s favourite exercise to master the Meta Model
  • What really happened when Michael flipped the Meta Model upside down. And how it helped him become an elite coach and change consultant
  • The secrets of the Framing Tool to almost magically read people’s minds …that will change how you work with clients forever
  • The most in-depth Q&A Michael has ever done on the Meta model. He explains the underlying structure of language, the brain and human communication
  • get inside your client’s head
  • How and when to elegantly use convincers in your language What you need to do to become a hypnotic pattern maker
  • Michael’s video camera exercise to master time and space predicates
  • How to use tone and non-verbals to ensure people follow you
  • Watch Michael live as he coaches audience members using the 3 step hypnotic language ninja skills
  • The Ultimate Formula for creating suggestions that stick and influence
  • How to construct suggestions and test that they are working during a normal conversation
  • The real reason why people like Michael Breen (and Richard Bandler) succeed in changing their clients

Price – $499 $15

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Size – 3.77 GB

Release Date – 2020

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