Systems Driven Business Course by Vinay Patankar

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Systems Driven Business Course

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In this systems driven business course you will learn to grow your business by only working 10 Minutes a day.

Growing a business can sometimes be like waging a never-ending war, and you find yourself tired and exhausted. Most business owners are, more often than not, bogged down in the trenches and simply don’t have the mental bandwidth to work on scale because they are stuck in day-to-day low-impact, repetitive work. If you are here, you have some great news up your way. Vinay Patankar’s Systems-Driven Business course offers you a very effective, simple system to grow your business that takes just a 10-minute investment every day.

A business Reliant On You

Most business owners share a common pain point: They feel their business is too reliant on them. Their work hours are long, they spend the day firefighting, and they feel like they cannot trust others to do things the way they can. This owner-reliant business model not only makes growth difficult, but also leads to raised stress levels and eventual burnout.

Common Issues:

  • Working day and night, always tired.
  • Spending time firefighting and doing low-impact, repetitive work, instead of focusing on strategic growth.
  • Not trusting others to do things in a good way.
  • Constant interruptions and firefighting.

The Systems Driven Business Course is Your Solution

Imagine if you could grow your business much more rapidly than ever before, and you didn’t have to do much of the work. Sounds a tad too good to be true, but Vinay Patankar’s proven system shows this is all quite doable. Just follow a simple step-by-step system where you “clone yourself” and document those unique processes of your business, and you will have on your hands a business that runs mostly on its own.

The Benefits of Systems-Driven Business:

  • More Profitability: Systems help in minimizing errors, save time, and improve productivity.
  • More Free Time: More time to focus on higher-leverage things that contribute to real growth.
  • Reduced Workload: Put systems in place that enable your business to operate on autopilot.

Real Success Stories

Case Study 1: Content Allies

  • Before: Content Allies is a content creation company that was finding it hard to cope with fast growth. They were aiming to scale business capacity by not scaling headcount.
  • After: By getting their systems in shape, they were able to avoid hiring an operations manager, save $5,000 a month, and triple their revenue.

Case Study 2: Wodify

  • Before: Wodify is a business that serves 4,000 gyms in 90 countries. They had slow employee onboarding and outdated processes.
  • After: They wrote down their key processes to create a knowledge base, which reduced their onboarding times by 50% and maintained quality and consistency of service.

Case Study 3: A-Team Lending

  • Before: A-Team Lending is a mortgage broker that’s got over a dozen full-time staff and was losing an extra $30,000 a month in manual HR work.
  • After: They automated a good portion of their HR systems, which enabled them to scale their team without the extra cost.

The 10-Minute MVP Method

The 10-Minute MVP Method by Vinay Patankar is behind the Systems-Driven Business course. The method gets you to take 10-minute daily “brain dumps” and turn them into systems that document how to do work so you never have to do the same thing twice.

Key Features:

  • Step-by-Step Blueprint: Followable system for creating efficient business systems.
  • Minimal Time Investment: Costs just 10 minutes a day.
  • Scalable Systems: Get your time back while your business keeps growing.

Meet Vinay Patankar: The Man Behind the Method

Vinay Patankar is an experienced entrepreneur and founder of Process Street, a top process and workflow management software used by giants like Amazon, Airbnb, and Facebook. His was the journey of the stressed-out business owner doing 12-hour days to manage remote teams across a large number of industries. He realized that, regardless of how much effort he was putting in, poor systems were actually holding him back. He then developed a systematic approach to business operations that enabled him to get back to leading and scaling his businesses successfully.


  • Silicon Valley AngelPad Incubator Alum: Raised over $13.3 million successfully in funding.
  • Expert in Systems and Processes: Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and other top publications.
  • 450,000+ Businesses Helped: Process Street has powered thousands of companies around the globe.

What You’ll Learn?

The Systems Driven Business course is designed to help business owners implement time-saving systems that take just 10 minutes every day.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Lesson 1: The Systems-Driven Business
  • Lesson 2: Unleashing Your Systems Mindset
  • Lesson 3: How to Plan for Rapid Scale
  • Lesson 4: Knowing When It’s Time to Systematize Your Business
  • Lesson 5: The Most Costly & Painful Systems Mistakes
  • Lesson 6: The Top 6 Systems Terms You Must Know

Additional Modules: The course goes on to feature further advanced training on process documentation, team onboarding, and automation, to ensure you have all the tools you need to roll out and maintain efficient business systems.

Exclusive Bonuses

When you join the Systems-Driven Business course, you’ll also get seven exclusive bonuses worth $1,494:

  • Finance for Founders: The complete program on mastering business finance.
  • Sales Team Domination Free Swipe File: Proven processes to increase sales and discover growth opportunities.
  • Top Companies’ Proven Processes: Copy and paste templates used by the world’s top companies.
  • Money Magnet Emails: High-converting email templates to boost your conversion rate.
  • Social Media Automation: Tools and processes to automate your social media strategies.
  • 2-for-1 License: Get an additional business partner or team member at no extra cost.
  • Fast Track Your A-Team: Tools to find, hire, and onboard A-grade talent.

Why Invest in Systems Driven Business Course?

Your time is your most valuable resource, and bad systems can suck the life out of it. In the Systems-Driven Business course, there is the opportunity for you to invest in a tested system to get your time back, eliminate stress, and scale your business more effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clone Yourself: Install systems to get your team working without you.
  • Scale Without Stress: Install processes to get your business growing without you.
  • Regain Control: Scale your time to focus on strategic growth and your personal well-being.

Getting Started

The Systems-Driven Business course is an easy and risk-free way to finally build a business that works for you. Here is how you get started:

  • Sign Up: Simply click the “Sign Up Now” button.
  • Secure Checkout: Enter your billing information securely in our portal.
  • Access the Course: Open your welcome email and begin the journey.
  • Support Available: Reach out if you have any questions to the support team at Foundr.

By signing up today, you not only get the full course, but also the seven exclusive bonuses to help further deepen your learning and implementation experience.


The Systems Driven Business course is an exclusive opportunity to revolutionize your business, increase your profitability, and take control of your time. By simply taking 10 minutes a day implementing this proven system, you can build a business that hums along without your constant watch, allowing you to focus on the things that truly count.

Don’t let your business run you. Commence your more productive, scalable, and enjoyable business journey today by enrolling in the Systems-Driven Business course. Enroll now and begin creating the systems that will create your success.