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Unveiled! The Email Welcome Sequence Behind $300+ Million in Sales… And Achieve a 10X ROI – Just 28 Days from Now… Crucial: Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter or just beginning your journey, what I’m about to reveal will revolutionize your approach to crafting welcome sequences for clients and significantly boost their revenue.

Here’s how it works…

If you’re still seeking clients or facing a dry spell, offer to compose their email sequence.

Having this sequence in your arsenal is essential. It broadens your skill set, making you an indispensable asset to any client.

By optimizing their key connection with their audience, you can unleash a tidal wave of remarkable outcomes when executed correctly.

And if you’re new to the game, this training will fast-track your learning curve while equipping you with the insights and expertise to excel in the industry!

I’ve condensed everything into under 40 minutes across 7 concise videos. (The longest video is just under 8 minutes)

When you implement this knowledge, you’ll effortlessly generate a 10X ROI within the next 28 days from this single investment.

So, no excuses.

But before delving into that, allow me to introduce myself.

Hey, I’m Adil Amarsi.

For nearly two decades, I’ve earned a reputation as the clandestine A-Lister.


Because I’ve propelled my clients to over a billion dollars in combined sales over the past 15 years as a professional copywriting maestro.

I’ve catered to 422 markets, executed over 17,000 campaigns, with a track record of notable successes.

Of course, there were setbacks along the way that served as lessons, refining my craft.

And I’ve collaborated with some of the industry’s foremost authorities, including:

Jay Abraham Taylor Welch Jenna Faith Dan Meredith Lo Morgan Joel Erway Cassie Howard Brad Costanzo Jason Hornung And many more… As the individual who dissects the psychology behind effective copywriting, translates it into real-world applications, and simplifies it for your benefit—I guarantee my strategies will work for you.

My credentials speak for themselves, and as you get to know me, you’ll understand why.

I have a penchant for dark humor and a knack for sharing outlandish yet meticulously tracked anecdotes…

(Just like the infamous Creatively Outstanding Copywriting Knowledge story)…

Now, what sets this course apart is that you’re essentially receiving two courses for the price of one!

I’ll break down what you’ll gain from Version 1.0 (a thorough, psychologically-driven approach).

This version was delivered through a live class, offering detailed explanations for my methodology, including word selection and the profound impact of minor adjustments.

(I recommend revisiting this for a deeper understanding of copywriting)

Version 2.0: This is the condensed version of my training, straight to the point.

In essence, the swipe PDF is ready for your use.

The brief video explains the concept, allowing you to apply it immediately.

It’s designed for anyone to undergo the training, take on a client, execute, and profit.

So, here’s what awaits you in The Greatest Welcome Sequence Training (The Full Expanded Version)…

Email #1: Welcome aboard! The welcome email stands as one of the most potent and pivotal messages in your arsenal!

Misstep here, and you risk alienating your new subscribers from the outset.

Get it right, and you’ll not only bolster your authority but also solidify your positioning, fostering a robust connection between you and your audience.

I’ll cover:

Structuring your welcome email Essential elements and actionable steps for your subscribers The profound psychological insights (don’t worry, I’ll make it engaging and memorable) Crafting compelling subject lines for your inaugural email And much more Email #2: Let’s get acquainted Email #2 focuses on deepening your rapport with subscribers while subtly introducing business elements.

By the email’s conclusion, your readers will yearn to know more about you.

Moreover, it serves as the foundation for crafting subsequent emails—nurturing yet business-oriented.

In Email #2, I’ll reveal:

Next steps to maintain high open rates Strategies to captivate, entertain, and inform your audience Common pitfalls (and remedies if you’ve already stumbled) Leveraging everyday stories for evergreen email sequences And much more! Email #3: The Dynamic Duo This installment is a dual-purpose narrative, mirroring the 1-2 punch structure of this email sequence.

Discover how to seamlessly blend two styles of email writing to deliver engaging content and promotional messages while providing Edu-tainment (Educational entertainment).

Email 3 sets the stage for Email #4.

In Email #3, expect insights into:

Crafting captivating content to entice readers Strategically embedding content within a narrative Mastering storytelling techniques Advanced link placement And more. This leads to Email #4…

Email #4: Rallying the Troops Email #4 is the promotional climax of the sequence.

It’s the highly anticipated second act.

Here, I’ll show you how to craft your own version of “Empire Strikes Back” (yes, expect Star Wars references)!

I once executed this across a 7-part email series, generating $15,000 from a mere 200-person list selling a $500 product.

You’ll learn:

Incorporating a subtle pitch into your narrative Why your audience will appreciate this approach Effortlessly prompting sales or desired actions through email Email #5: Embark on an Adventure (With Stories and More) By this point, you might wonder, “What else can I possibly write about?”

This question frequently arises among my private students.

In Email #5, I’ll divulge:

My tried-and-tested email story formula Crafting entertaining emails that convey your philosophy Unearthing storytelling material from your daily life Harnessing the power of lists And much more… Email #6: Showcasing Case Studies With Email #6, you’ve likely pitched your product multiple times, fearing you’re bombarding your audience.

But it’s not the frequency that’s the issue; it’s the approach.

Learn how to leverage case studies to reinforce your points and ignite desire for your products and services.

In Email #6, you’ll uncover:

Types of case studies to employ Soliciting and leveraging testimonials effectively The psychology behind case studies and how to present them persuasively When to deploy these emails And more Email #7: Wrapping Up & Moving Forward As we reach the culmination of this series, Email #7 equips you with a pitch template.

This email is about selling.

Many struggle with the sales pitch, but I’ll offer a straightforward approach to do so through emails.

Additionally, the formulas shared throughout enable you to extend your email series beyond 7, enriching your autoresponder.

In Email #7, expect insights into:

Crafting a persuasive sales email Understanding why sales emails are effective Leveraging my formulas and email sequences for future endeavors Ultimately, This Is How You Continue Earning from Your List Long After the Initial Sequence. Version 2.0 offers a swift and practical approach.

I’ll provide explanations for each email, why they’re effective, and breakdowns of how to customize them with examples.

Simply swipe, tweak to match your voice and style, and you’re set!