Multichannel Marketing Intelligence

Direct Mail Smarts

Simply the best direct mail samples archived anywhere!

Email Know-how

Get the latest email trends from the hottest brands!

Marketing Genius

Creative mojo for your noggin and your next campaign!

Direct Mail, Email and Social — in One Easy-to-Use Platform

Who’s Mailing What! makes it easy to monitor marketing activity across multiple channels. Study the creative, offers and trends that are working today for your own success tomorrow.

  • Direct mail: Tap into the world’s most complete library of direct mail samples
  • Email: Over 20,000 promotional emails added every month
  • Social: Friends, followers, likes! Track and measure the activity from the social sites

Put this massive archive to work for you! On your computer, tablet or smartphone, you have at your fingertips 30 years of direct marketing intelligence.

See the actual direct mail and email campaigns, and then save the PDF examples right into your library for creative inspiration.

  • Study the execution of a cross-channel campaign
  • Examine eye-catching, response-getting design in both email and direct mail
  • Check out effective envelope teaser copy or email subject lines and direct mail offer

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Size – 2.29 GB

Release Date – 2021

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